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Oh man that's amazing news about Ketsui, I never got round to buying it off the JP store so for once my own laziness has paid off. When you get to know the menus it's a lot easier but having to use a translation was a bit of a pain in the arse with ESP Ra.De on the Switch, especially since if you don't play it for a while you'll have to do it again. Taking a photo and using Google Translate is handy but it'll never be as good as one done by an actual person who knows the context.

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Last thing you unlock in Super XYX is "Super Arcade Mode" and though not as polished as the main mode, it's still a lot of fun. Feels easier and shorter even though there's a lot more going on. Makes me wonder if there's a true last boss or an extra stage or something that I haven't found the requirements for yet.


Got a 1cc in super mode today with Helltiger, Cobra and Yellow Jacket.

Yellow Jacket is pigging useless. I just scraped through! I wouldn't use her for anything. She has this random laser, it's bloody pot luck if you hit anything and some of the boss fights can last longer because of that.


So far, helltiger seems to be the way to go for scoring. There's a ship you unlock called cobra which is definitely the way to go for survival.

Can't stop playing this, reminds me of batsugun, particularly the special version with the teeny tiny hitbox.

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Pfff, hadaway with your stage 2 tripe. Stage 3 is the eye of the duck, hands down. My brain is pretty naff when it comes to memorisation and no matter how many times I play that stage, it still manages to trip me up! :D


The blissful downhill bike ride through the summer meadow that follows it is the perfect reward for getting through. Really feels like you've escaped a scary forest and the world is suddenly a much better place. The air is thick with insects and the hill is pretty damn steep so you're clenching your arse cheeks and feeling every bump, your eyes wide with fear. You have to concentrate in case you freewheel straight up a 30ft caterpillars arse, but you can feel the wind in your hair and you're just flying, , leeeeft, riiiiight, leeeeeft, riiiight.

Aw man, I wanna play again just thinking about it :D


Reddit are having a high score competition if you wanna get in on that, dig dug.

They've also got a Marlew beginner challenge where you can just grind stage one instead - https://old.reddit.com/r/shmups/comments/iieuko/6th_high_score_challenge_mushihimesama_futari_15/

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^ agree with you guys, mushi futari is ace :D


also if anyone wants a cat:




i might have ordered one.


edit - oh yeah for the first time in 6 years or so i cleared some room to set this up, the pad needs looking at as left/right stops working sometimes and needs the cable wiggling - that's easy to fix though, and good to see the other stuff still works at least! (edit2 - i should have said what it is, like phillv85 says it's a ketsui arcade board running via a really crap supergun):


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I've hardly played Futari 1.5 Original, not the most exciting mode for scoring to be honest, but I'm up for that. Abnormal Palm all the way. Not played any shmups for weeks due to RSI but I have been sufficiently baited by Clump to grimace through to the title. 

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Futari HS Comp - Beginner - 16.73m




I reckon that's me done for a while, my right hand is fucked, unfortunately.


I do still think it's the least interesting mode for scoring but at least there's no real trick to it. Very straightforward for a HS comp.


Let's see what you got! :D

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2 hours ago, ImmaculateClump said:

I saw that neko cat, Spatular. I'd have scooped up the mardy fat blue one no questions asked if it was 16 inches, but 16cm? On yer bike.

Which one did you go for?


yeah that one! i have no room for this stuff so happy with a small cat.


great scores guys, i had a go but need to practice getting the stage 1 score as i tried to take a pic and the second stage started and i lost a life! it was just over 10 million so well behind you guys. final score on stage 3 midboss was 54'953'014.


the scoring system on original is just use shot when the number in the top left is green, and laser whan it's blue right? and it changes every 500 i think.


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54 minutes ago, spatular said:

the scoring system on original is just use shot when the number in the top left is green, and laser whan it's blue right? and it changes every 500 i think.


Aye, that's it, and the quicker you scoop up the yellow things, the better. They're green for a little while and worth more, so get up nice and close if you can when the baddies are about to cark it and stop using laser so you can scoop all the gems up really quick.


 - Don't get hit and don't bomb

 - use rapid shot when the combo number is green, laser when it's blue

 - get nice and close when enemies are about to die and stop using the laser to suck all the gems in nice and quick


You'll have to post a photo of the cat gonk when it arrives!

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2 hours ago, Marlew said:



Wow! I think that might be out of reach for me.

I had this really good run before, I don't think I'd have beaten you, but I could tell I was beating my score as I got to the boss. Just my luck, the rhythm of the green/blue combo was so out of sync with what I'm used to, it was landed exactly on the end of the first phase and again when the boss died so I didn't manage to switch shot in time and got a measly gem payout. Nightmare!


16,768,341 so far.

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I know that feeling. I've not had it at that key point but the constant switching means that I tend to screw up quite a bit at the changeovers, or you're having to delay and double check and then you miss some enemies because you're trying not to blow stuff up with the wrong shot. It's something I don't especially love about 1.5.



With BL God Mode, you know that you basically score nothing outside of cashing in your counter, so it's a race to point blank and fill it up and then cash out to the max, and then rinse and repeat, etc. It's got a different rhythm, longer phases. It's still really intense because you're constantly trying to squeeze more counter/big gems/point blank gems out of every enemy but you have the release of cashing out the big cancels and so you can measure your score more easily. In 1.5 I've had the counter right up near 6k in the first phase of the boss but the final score was still short of my best. I don't really get it in the same way. 


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4 minutes ago, spatular said:

^ 1.5 maniac has the same/similar scoring system as black label god mode (and maniac) though right?


It is similar, but the rate of gaining counter is different so it's got a quite different rhythm again. To be honest, the differences are probably very minor but because I've put 99% of my time into God Mode, muscle memory just makes it feel more unusual to me. 

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^ that’s cool, I just really like 1.5 maniac (and black label maniac) so wanted to stick up for it :p I really like god mode too but it’s too hard for me, the original modes are great as well but like you say the scoring system isn’t as good and later on the bullets are too fast for my liking. Ultra is just stupid but I’m glad it exists. I guess that’s another great thing about this game, loads of different game modes for different people to enjoy :)

scooping those gold nuggets up quicker really helped my stage 1 score, Still a bit behind but doing better: 15’702’462

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