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Worst albums you own

Oh Danny Boy

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I know it's not a proper album, but


I don't even know what to say. I think I bought it because my friend was adamant I wouldn't. He really won that day.

Check this bad boy out:


I saw it in a Tesco clearance bin for 99p, and I just knew, I had to buy that. That Casualty tune was amazing!

I suppose my real worst album is:


Some of it is fine, the rest, though, is atrocious.

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White Zombie - Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds. It's a load of rubbish remixes of Astro Creep

Spawn - the Album. Terrible apart from one song, but I'm not going to bother listening to it to find out which one.

Gravediggaz - The Pick, the Sickle And The Shovel. I loved the first album, this was a massive disapointment to me.

I have thousands of Cds and LPs in my collection, these three were the first three that I found. I have bought an awful load of shite in my time. An awful load.

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JJ72's first album

Gave that away to a charity shop after a week. Read an interview with the helium voice kid around the time (was it really eight years ago?!) and he claimed the songs were written when he was 15 or something, and on buying and listening to the album, it showed...

Have a Style Council album or too, not the worst albums I own but the most embarrassing to admit to owning. :wub:

Worst overall alb' I own is Southpaw Grammar by Moz. One of the tracks has a drum solo, FFS!

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Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell Live with the Melborne Symphony Orchestra.

It's almost awe-inspiring. Meatloaf mumbles many of the lyrics to Bat out of Hell of all things, as though having forgotten the lyrics.


The version of For Cryin' Out Loud on there is fucking superb, although the DVD is better than the CD.

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See bad albums are part of the reason why I buy rather than download. There's nothing quite like a late night drunken romp through your record collection to find the Agadoo's and Especially For You's that are lurking in the shadows but make the drunkards in the house squeal in delight, laugh and dance.

Actually figure I should add my own worst:


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Marilyn Manson is probably the most embarrassing stuff i've had in my collection, and I don't even think he's that bad. Wouldn't listen to it now, mind, obviously. :unsure:

Actually, I bought two Lamb albums, and a few years later decided it was fucking cringe-worthy...but that's just me.

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I own THREE Linkin Park albums. :lol: Hybrid Theory, ReAnimation and Meteora. But like someone else said in this thread, I hold onto these because they remind of my Sixth Form days. Back when I didn't know good music.

Oh, and then there are these two:


I'm a fan of The Offsspring (Ixnay on the Hombre and Smash are two of my fave albums), but this is an absolute tragedy. They're trying too hard to cater for the mainstream.



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Regular Urban Survivors by Terrorvision is just absolutely fucking atrocious, doubly so because I genuinely thought it was a brilliant album when I was fifteen or sixteen or however old I was when the wretched thing came out.

The album hasn't aged well but Perseverance is still a great track. And Celebrity Hit List is pretty good too.

After a quick look on the shelves I reckon mine is Issues by Korn. I stuck it on to see what it was like and it's bad, bad, bad.

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I bought Kid A on the back of those albums and what a load of pretentious crap it was, i've come to the conclusion that Radiohead post Ok Computer doesn't exist to me, in the same way Oasis post Be here now.

How silly. Some great tunes on that album, it isn't even slightly 'difficult', or, as you put it, 'pretentious'. Yet it always seems to be characterised as some kind of avant-jazz wierd shit when it really really isn't. There's some not so bad stuff in here. Have you guys never bought a genuine, class A stinker? Here's some that I think I've managed to get rid of by now, but nonetheless;





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