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Xbox Live unavailable 29/30 Sept


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Nothing's wrong with the ps3 set up at all, this is just different and the 360's interface.

And you think it's complicated? I must be a genius, cause that looks dead simple.

Welcome- welcome to xbox

My Xbox - your xbox stuff

Inside xbox - news

Games Marketplace - buy games

Video Marketplace - i'm so confused, this is so complicated!!!!


[/brick tamlin]

Sorry i got carried away, but it really isn't complex.

Maybe complicated is the wrong word. I just think it could be simplified really. Why do we need a Welcome or Inside Xbox section at all? I also hate that the Games and Video Marketplaces aren't right next to each other, although I'll concede that it's an OCD thing.

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Ive been loving the inside xbox news on the blades, it's the first thing i go to when i turn my 360 on. And i think the welcome is going to be for all the new adopters that MS are hoping for with this re-invention.

I suppose they COULD have put the 2 marketplaces together, you never know, it could be customisable. probably not.

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You only need Live to play them if you switched consoles but kept the same hard drive do to the DRM restriction (you and any other tag on your 360 can play a downloaded game - or dlc - but if you use your HD on another 360 you have to be connected to Live). I assume you've then since downloaded more games to your 360 and as such you don't have to be online to play those.

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I wasn't bothered about this downtime but I've just remembered that you aren't allowed to play your arcade games without Live. Why can I play some but not others though?

When Live is back up, go here:


And follow the steps. Then your games will work offline on the 360/HD that you have now.

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do we have the new dash from tomorrow, or is this just preparing an update?

Nope, this is just in preparation. Presumably so that when the time does come for the new dash, it will be a case of basically flicking a switch.

I'm really not keen on the whole avatar thing, but I'm still excited about the new dash. Installing games to the HD is huge for me, as I'm one of the unlucky ones whose new 360 sounds like a jet engine when playing a game with the disc spinning.

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