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The Office (US)


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Just finished it today myself. The last show was a bit strange - the first half with the Q & A didn't really need to be there. The penultimate was great though. I enjoyed the season, as I did the previous. It was the one before which I thought was under par, but still enjoyable, though not a patch on the earlier ones which were brilliant.

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Thread resurrection - I've just finished my third watch thru of this on Amazon, putting it up there with the likes of Larry Sanders & early Arrested Development for me in rewatch & quality terms.


It almost gets better each time and is perfect for binge watching with the short eps that just fit into whatever time you have available.


I've also gone down a YouTube rabbit hole at the same time seeing many vids about how the show was constructed, not in the traditional writers room style of many network mainstream comedy shows - and that really shines thru. I knew that Ryan & Kelly were played by writers/comedians, but Phyllis was a casting agent, Toby also a writer. 


It's not about better/worse than the UK version, they are such different things. The US show runner realised that a Brent style Michael Scott wasn't sustainable for a longer show, he is funny but just too hard to watch for prolonged periods. When it nearly got canned at the end of series one they realised they had to to make Michael far more likeable, but also display flashes of competence and the surrounding office needed to be nicer to him. They did this but not in a saccharine or cloying way, the bite is still there in the characters.


Its so deeply written too in terms of the history & characters - throwaway comments from Dwight about Schrutes marrying stood in their graves from an early season are realised in the last 2 eps, and there are so many loaded background gags in there you may or not have spotted on your own.


I also love the theories, Mindy Kaling confirmed one apparently that the cameras were originally in the office to film the fall out from the suicide of a member of staff (this is referenced in the suggestion box episode and others) and Ryan the temp was hired to replace that person. Unproven is the theory that Toby is actually the Scranton strangler.


Finally hunt out deleted scenes on YouTube, each season has hours of them, and many are superb. Some were left out for good reason as are just a bit too nasty or out of character but many are great, it's like finding several new seasons of content. 

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Also, check out Office Ladies, which is a podcast where Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey rewatch the episodes and give their behind the scenes experiences of making them, as well as inviting on various guests from the show on to discuss. They're on season 2 at the mo.




Available on all the usual podcast services.

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I've listened to quite a few of the Office Ladies podcast now - it's the last place to go once you've watched the whole thing multiple times and hit YouTube for the hours of great deleted scenes.


Overall really enjoying it, its a level of detail behind the show you just won't get anywhere else. They can get a bit shrill at times and you do really need to be hugely into the show to listen to episodes that last an hour about 22m TV episodes. 


Finally it's going to take years to finish with 20+ episode seasons. 


Good stuff but only for the committed.

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On 13/04/2005 at 19:08, Ryan said:

Fantastic stuff. Their version of Gareth is easily the best character, and their Brent is growing on me too.

Series is greatly helped by actually having a FIT bird play Dawn's role too :)


On 14/04/2005 at 00:36, Calashnikov said:

UK Dawn isn't that bad, man. They totally nailed the true-to-life fact that office chicks aren't actually anything amazing. They're just top dogs, as it were. Within the context of the office environment, they offer a desirable ray of flap.


On 14/04/2005 at 11:22, Poet said:

She's average at best. And maybe my experience of office life is limited to the City and my own business, but a hell of a lot of women in the City are properly hot and definitely a damn sight better than Dawn. You should come to London more often.


On 14/04/2005 at 11:56, masterhand said:

The office is set in Slough, that should be a hint as to why Dawn's not so fit. :unsure:


On 15/04/2005 at 10:58, roskelld said:


I'd Fap away to Dawn.

Plus she's clearly the best Office Dawn in the world acording to my viewing of google.

Google Dawn + The Office


On 23/04/2005 at 02:59, amanset said:

Which is why I am convinced it will be cancelled. It wasn't supposed to be this good.

And I agree, Pam is just lovely, but not in the stunning, obvious way of too many ladies on US TV. She looks like she can work in an office.

I started watching this a couple of weeks ago. It’s really, really good! Some of the early comments in this thread though...yikes :lol:

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No, but I feel there's some wrong with me simply making the comment about someone not being particularly attractive. Just... I hope I wouldn't really bother with that sort of conversation now.


Still, that post is pretty tame for being called out with. There's gotta be worse!

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I only recently started and am enjoying it a lot. Currently most of the way through season 3.


I only knew Dwight from memes and didn't realise just how much of an arsehole he is. Also enjoying Creed effortlessly bossing stuff in the background. Never knew Craig Robinson was in it.

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I am currently on my 4th watch thru of this and just love the show more than ever, there is something so heartwarming and perfect about the US version. You get from the Office Ladies podcast how crafted and detailed the making of this was, and it really shines thru with the longevity its demonstrating. 


It's even better this time round as my other half has never seen it and rejected watching this whenever I've suggested it in the past, she is now insisting it goes on at 8pm every night and several eps get watched.


I can see why it was estimated to account for some 25% of TV streaming minutes in the US in recent years, there is something so watchable about it and the episodes are getting better with age for me.

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Yeah, coming to the end of my annual-ish watch through too. It's still very funny but with each rewatch I hate each character more and more. Jim and Pam get unbearably smug and Andy is a fucking psycho in series 9.


Everyone else throughout is on a constant cycle of 'act like a dick for 10 minutes' -> 'get comeuppance' then repeat next episode with different characters involved. 

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I think its inevitable you see the mechanics of a show more and more as you repeatedly watch it and you're not wondering where the story is going.


Pam does get very smug but it always feels in character for her, I think they nail it themselves with the brilliant line by Meredith 'little miss thing wants attention'

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