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Will Smith - Seven Pounds - Trailer


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Such a cynical and depressing film. Just what exactly is the message it's trying to send out? Mean spirited, manipulative and just downright banal. All involved deserve a slap around the face with a wet jellyfish.

Agreed - I caught this last night.

Worse still it was so obvious what was going to happen. I wonder why I watched it, OMG Jellyfish? Please, surely everyone saw it coming a mile off.

I was thinking about it more today and...actually the character is pretty despicable. Sure he's "Saving people's lives", by what...actually being a coward?

With his MIT super knowledge technology he could have lived for another 40 years and helped humanity in many greater ways.

Instead he decides to end his own life and saves just a few, just enough to make him feel better.

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