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Album of the week #4: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart


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Not sure I like this. The little sound effects and quotes they have scattered through the album, along with their sound, makes them sound a little overblown and needlessly grandiose. Like the Burning Airlines album its got that nasty 'American whine' to the vocals that is a massive turn off for me.

The music sort of reminds me of the bland identikit rock that the Goths and Emos at school would listen to when they'd want something a little 'harder' than MCR or whatever...

Sorry! :lol:

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This is true but I have no idea why anyone would take this as a negative :lol:

It just feels a little forced and inherently dislike able as a result. I mean I love Radiohead and Pink Floyd, so I'm all for grandiosity in my music, but here it just feels a bit like...'Hey lets start this song with some birdsong, it'll sound way cool!', this, along with the album art, makes me inclined to say 'twats' rather than be awed by it.

I'll give it another spin when I can play it loud, I imagine it'll make a world of difference.

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I have Source Tags and Codes, which is a pretty good album. Trail of Dead are a band I've always meant to sniff out the rest of the back catalogue of so I'll be giving this a go once I get home <_<

[edit] I gave up after nine tracks. Started promisingly then after Caterwaul (which wasn't brilliant itself, IMO) just got a bit boring.

Sorry :o

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I'd herd the name of this band a few times in passing, assumed they were that dreadful nu-metal guff that kids listen to and gave them a wide berth accordingly.

Listening to Source Tags & Codes now and it's not too bad at all, sounds like a grower so I will have to try Worlds Apart next.

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Well the mood settled down

Once the movie hit town

You know all the movies I've seen

You never did understand

How I watched all of them

Can't figure how you never did

Well the moon is so gold

That it conquors the soul

Like that very first moment we kissed

But you never will go far

In a Japanese car

Just thinking of the things

that we've missed

...What good are promises

If nobody honours them?

And so we never ask 'why?'

Don't say anything nice

And don't talk if we meet on the field

Because I want you to know

That I let it all go

Even if you never did.


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I've always loved Worlds Apart - I honestly think it's a really unappreciated album. To me it's like a punk and prog album colliding together, retaining the unnecessary pomposity and epicness of the latter while gaining much of the immediacy and impact of the prior. I think the change in direction is what irked a lot of reviewers.

I did think So Divided was pretty dull though, especially with its exceptionally shite cover art.

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I'd like to add my :) to ...trail of Dead and all their albums, a great live act as well.

I'll give a small shout out to their ep The Secret of Elena's Tomb which features All Saints Day, a hidden gem. I think it might be on the World's Apart super bonus DVD, well worth hunting that track down.

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Source Tags & Codes is my favourite Trail Of Dead album, because the drums on it are bastard loud and it just gets better and better and better.

This one is pretty good too, but a bit patchy. You get your traditional intro track "Ode To Isis", yet another really good quiet-loud opening song ("Would you smile again"), but then it's a bit more laid back than the first few albums. The song "World Apart" is a bit forgettable, and the album does tail off a bit towards the end. I really like the string instrument bits on this album, though, and when it works it works really well.

I saw them live a bit after this album came out and they seemed to have got even louder and raucous, somehow. Jason had got a bit too fat to crowd surf and just stood there during his turns on the microphone looking shiftless, but he made up for it later by attempting to escape up the venue's back wall.

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It's...alright. Probably on a similar level as Worlds Apart, though of course miles better than the abortion that was So Divided. They're never gonna make anything to touch Madonna or Source Tags again, but, y'know, how many of us could?

Fields of Coal though, can't decide if it's the cheesiest piece of crap or actually good!

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