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Ridiculous Black Music From London


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Who's Ronco anyway?

Sorry, I missed this. Erstwhile kitchen and general gadget manufacturers from the 1970s who also branched out into compilation albums. The Freddie and the Dreamers to K-Tel's Herman's Hermits.

What next?

If you choose "Who's K-Tel anyway?" turn to post #168.

If you choose "Who's Freddie and the Dreamers anyway?" turn to post #223.

If you choose "Who's Herman's Hermits anyway?" turn to post #947.

If you want to stand and fight, turn to post #53.

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Jeeesus. No one's mentioned the ultimate apex of UK grime? Well behold:

Best line ever:

Do you really really want arms?

Everybody want arms!

That brer's got arms,

That chair's got arms.

If you didn't have arms

you couldn't really do much unless you've got arms.

That's arms,

word to your fat dead mums.

Amazing video too.

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Song was pretty big last winter. Also unintentionally hilarious.

Also if you missed this:


Then where were you? Dubstep remix was almost bigger than the original though.

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On 21/10/2008 at 03:09, dizogg said:

I'm going on a journey through comedy grime hits from a year or two ago. These make me laugh:

Bear man - Drink Beer:


Mr Wong - Whoz Dat Boy?


North Wheezy:


Nu Brand Flexx - Gash by the Hour:


Virgo Ft Flirta D and B-Live



Yep, amazing thread, amazing first post, and it brought the amazing Junior Spesh to rllmuk attention. Amazing.


I was just checking out the Mr Wong vid, it’s 14!!! years old and it still sounds like it’s being released next week.



Have to agree with the most recent comment, from Cargyle sauce:



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Why not try his 2016 album “The yellow Michael Jackson”:


I haven’t so can’t vouch for its quality. But if the album cover art is anything to go by it’s gonna be excellent.

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