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I randomly recorded a mix and liked it, it's not perfect but I'm linking the tracks :)

Asylum - Blindfold

Perverse - Tempest

Deafblind & Format - My Fate (Reamz Remix)

Biome - Light

Perverse - Unexpected

LAS - Preaching

Reamz - Counter Wind

I.D - Bruder

Mishva - Dagon

Zoobi - Near Miss

Cyrus & Distance - Rude

Biome - Havana VIP

Samurax - Too Far Gone

Darj - Circles

Rowl - Organic

Darj - The Island

Asylum - Salvage

Cyrus & Distance - Titan

Benton - Necromancy

Jack Sparrow - Dune

Cluekid - Nihonto

Kaiju - Close Break

Occult & Pheral - Unseen

Congi - Somnium (MST)

Truth ft Yayne - Time (Kaiju Re-edit)

Coleco - Hypnagogia

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James Blake's remix of Mala's Changes was aired on the Essential Mix at the weekend, it's heavenly:

I didn't realize it was such an old track though, have been playing through some of the cam footage on Youtube (from what I can make out only Blake and Mala have copies of it). The sub on it live is mental, check this video from about 25 seconds on:


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Forthcoming: One-Sided 12" White Label. Out 20/5/13.

Mala received an email from James Blake saying "I've just done a remix".

This Harmonimix was attached.

After almost 3 years of only Mala and James playing this piece of music as an exclusive dubplate to their audiences in dances across the world, they've finally decided to give his remix a release.

A / Mala - Changes (Harmonimix)


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Has anyone got any suggestions for artists similar to Clubroot, Synkro, DFRNT and Desolate?

It's a for playlist I listen to while reading sci-fi books, if that has any bearing! :)

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Swarms - Old Raves End

Volor Flex - Unlit

Eleven Tigers - Clouds Are Mountains

Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine

Not all strictly Dubstep but those are names that spring to mind when you mentioned those.. nothing beats Clubroot though!

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Also while you're at it check out Sorrow - Dreamstone, it drops today but is around on other sources, this is well worth a purchase imo.

‘Dreamstone’ is the debut long-player from the highly talented UK producer Sorrow.
Sorrow’s electronic, beats-driven music floats above the furthest reaches of Ambient Dubstep, propelled aloft by a dubbed out, sonorous Garage hybrid of his own invention.

True to his moniker, Sorrow’s music has an underlying current of melancholy, with mournful strings and piano and ghostly vocals, but he balances the mood artfully with head-bobbing beats and a wonky sense of humour that emerges unexpectedly here and there.
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That's lovely. I hope this means there's a new album on its way soon, I spent a good month listening to the last three on repeat and reading science fiction novels. He's done the soundtracks to all the best films I've never seen!

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Kromestar just dropped his new album Tears of Joy today. It's fantastic, very deep and emotional. Apparently he made it following the death of his son late in 2012, the track names really give that away.

1. Tears of joy
2. Fathers day
3. Heavenly calm
4. 6th September 2012
5. The funeral
6. Healing with time
7. Sorrows
8. Tears of joy part 2


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I refuse to let this thread die :P

Congi's album 'Tidal Fragments' which dropped just under a month ago is well worth a listen; It's on rotation a lot for me at the moment! There is a short review HERE.

Occult's just upped a sweet track called Saphire.


While I'm posting about Occult and Congi, their co-lab track 'Same Kind' has just dropped too, it's quite lovely.

Occult is playing Boom Festival in Portugal this August and I'm going, pretty excited :omg:

So, anyone else come across any smooth/deep tracks recently?

EDIT: Ohhh yeah a new Sorrow EP is out soon!!! <3

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