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Yeah it's a pretty slick EP, digging tracks 2 (Andromeda) and 4 (System Reset); can't beat a bit of distance.

I'm just doing my daily 'sit and listen to SoundCloud for an hour' ritual.. man there are some sick tunes flying around.

My favourite mix this week, lots of deep moody stuff on this one (Bukez Finest):


An oldie but a goodie (Geode & Promise One - Buck One):

So much weight (Thelem - Shottaz):

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Mmm I kind of disagree to a certain extent. Yes they are predominantly in the dub genre but the majority of the artists who have produced them are dubstep producers who have put their own twists on the dub sound; I certainly wouldn't say they are "proper dub", but then again I'm not very good when it comes to categorising music (is anyone?). I'm more keen on dubstep that boarders dub as I like it deep and atmospheric, can't be doing with jumped up mid-range wobble stuff (a few exceptions are allowed, of course).

I don't know, I like what I like and I struggle to define lines between close genres to be honest :)

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Another from Bare Noize! at 0.53 the dubstep maximises!

Anyone with a decent knowledge of dubstep is no stranger to the intense, and overwhelming sound that is Bare Noize. These guys have developed quite the reputation as one of the leading Filth producers on the market.

Came across this gig poster below recently, though unfortunately gig has already passed... though some names there that would be/are worth checking out, for fresh dubstep! Tut Tut Child, and Xilent particularly I've been appreciating recently in the last month (as well as Bare Noize obviously).


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A very good article about dubstepforum. It's bizarre to think it was all 15 years ago. I remember drawing dolphins in MS Paint and laughing at Zomby's bi-weekly meltdowns like it was yesterday :(



"This is a music forum," he wrote on the site's FAQ. "Keep that in mind. This place was started to bring people together. Bring music lovers together. We like to think of this site as an experiment of positivity. Global bass culture. You wouldn't trash up your own neighborhood, so please take the negativity and strife elsewhere."

Over the following ten years, Dubstep Forum exceeded all expectations in bringing like-minded people together, even if keeping negativity off the site proved more difficult. What remains today is an unmatched archive of club culture and the dubstep community.

Such a huge thing in my life. I was stuck in Newcastle when I first heard this amazing new sound and the forum was my only source until I got back down to London. I think there's still a thread in the archive somewhere where I'm losing my mind with excitement about going to my first FWD. I know three of my closest friends through initially connecting on the forum and going raving with them. As someone who was too young for the birth of jungle it was so exciting to be right in the middle of a burgeoning scene of bassy, futuristic-sounding music. It's a shame the scene went the way it did but it was such an amazing experience.


Also making me feel old recently:




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Wow, that was a nostalgia rush for sure. I got the artist on 7 of them, but the track name on only about three, and I own 5 or 6 of the records. I've DJed with half the participants in the video, and 6 of the producers of the records. Imagine Mala saying he didn't think he would hear one of his own records! Towards the end I was only buying dubstep records so i'd have something to mix Mala records into. He was head and shoulders above everyone.


I never went to dubstep forum much, but I was deep in that scene until it fell apart musically. Being in Ireland, it was non-existent apart from some records coming into shops. Me and a couple of mates put on the first dubstep night I went to :lol: I never got to FWD or DMZ or any of them, kind of regret not making the trip now. 

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