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Worst game ever!


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If you think some of this is bad, wait until XBL Community Games starts. Here are a few highlights:

Gas Price Busters - "On-Line Multiplayer up to 16. Defend Your Ship from high Gas Prices."


Amazing Wizard - "Amazing Wizard is a Magic Game. Make your XBOX magically answer any questions. English or Spanish. NOTE: CHATPAD REQUIRED. (Similar to 'Peter Answers' / 'Wizard 666')"


Doodleman - "Prepare yourself to fight legions of doodles with only one thought in mind: destroy. Go it alone or team up with a friend to control the page and be the greatest thing a pencil has drawn." (I actually like the style of this one, but you just hit A, its worse than track and field. It made my hand go funny)


The community is desperately trying to prevent some of these abominations get onto the service (the above 3 are in "review") but we aren't allowed to fail them in peer review just because they are shit. So we have to find crash bugs. Some of the games are just the MS provided templates with new sprites ("Gas Price Busters" changed asteroids into petrol stations) so its getting harder :-(

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I was only aware of Animal World Soccer through the terrible front cover and had - erroneously it seems - just assumed it to be a football game. Oh how wrong I evidently was... it is a-fucking-stonishing.

Thanks to all for showing me what this masterpiece actually was.

For anyone else who fancies the full magical journey.


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Oh Christ, those Animal Soccer World clips are amazing. I've seen them before but never thought about them again until this thread. Phoenix is like the arsehole of gaming, a channel for smelly shit. That London cab driving game with its 20 feet of draw distance is also awesome in its horror. I weep for the people who bought this.

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The worst game I've ever played is probably Spore, actually. I know that sounds retarded...

Look at the things people posted and tell why 'retarded' comes even close to what that is...

Unless you've only player like TWO games or something - in which case :)

Animal Soccer World looks AMAZING but it's not really a GAME is it?

Big Rigs and London Taxi appeared to be TRYING to be one - and failing pretty much 100% - I'm sure greater horrors await tho :wub:

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White Van Racer or whatever it was called by Phoenix Games looked pretty amazing from the youtube vids.

i especially liked the way the rear of the van filled your entire view of the lane you were supposed to be racing down.

I thought that too. The chase view is something that Phoenix games never seem to master - in the London taxi game the arrow blocks off some of what little chance there is to avoid other vehicles.

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