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League Two - Official thread


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This thread is for use by members of League Two.

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion with your fellow league members.


Current Table



Your admin is Mackenie.


Important Information


* The full rules can be found HERE. You must abide by these, so read them!

* You are responsible for arranging to play your home match.

* All match arrangements should be made via fixture notes on the website.

* If a match has not been played during the initial fixture week, it should be arranged and a note added to the fixture via the website to ensure the admin staff are aware of your arrangements. If a match passes the fixture week without being played and does not have a note attached it will be deemed a foul offence.

* You can play your future matches in advance if you wish, but try to keep the scores quiet until the fixtures are active. You can enter results for future matches onto the website and they will only be counted in the tables etc once they are active.

* You should enter your results on the website. If you have issues with the website contact SaintM.

* If you have a question regarding the rules, or any other aspect of the Rllmuk Pro Evo XBox Live League please contact an official.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!

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played my games with Synchronated tonight and if the rest of the season is like this then it will be the best evah!

Synchronated 3 - 5 Tobert[/]

Thrilling first game where every chance seemed to end in a goal. I went 3 up but then Sync pulled it back to 3-2 only for me to score again twice to make 5-3 before sync pulled one back

Synchronated 4 - 3 tobert

I have this odd phemonina in that I seem to have a home disadvantage, its something I have noticed in the previous league where if I am at home games bog down a little, everything is slightly delayed and, oddly, my team seems to fall part. Runs aren't made passes seem to dribble half distance and the defence spas out on regular occasion. Whilst this seemed to rear its head in the second game its clear I was out played for the first 70 minutes as sync went 3-1 up. However I mounted my comeback with Cisse and Malbranque both scoreing in the 81st minute then Richardson curled in one of the best free kicks I have scored in the 87th. However, dispite a couple of last minute attempts, I couldn't get the equaliser so walked way with nowt.

Seriousl awesome games :)

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I've noticed that too y'know, got some much needed practice matches against Yiggy in last-night and soon as I was the 'home' team, my lads looked like a pub side that'd never seen each other before in their lives. Baby Elephant first-touch, mis-placed passes... a general lethargy running through the side I think is the best description. :)

Brilliant warm-up matches though and is getting the juices flowing for the league, can't wait to kick off my campaign this evening! :blink:

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Marseille (Yiggy) 2 - 2 Boca Juniors (Benito)

It started very hard fought with hard defensive tackling all over the shop. It seemed that nobody was going to string an attack together until Marseille managed to break through to seal the opener. It flowed better after that and there were more chances for Marseille but it was Boca who equalized. It was 1-1 at half time (I think!) and Marseille got the first break of the 2nd half with a breakaway run and a lash in the back of the net by Niang, a goal which he thought would surely seal it but despite peppering the Boca penalty area with chances it was a poor defensive error by the Marseille centre back that led to Bocas equaliser. After failing to clear it was Boca who bulged the onion bag which spilt the spoils to a point each. It was a shattering peformance from both teams.

Boca Juniors (Benito) 3 - 0 Marseille (Yiggy)

Details of this match were scarce after the 10 minutes of sobbing from Yiggy at the end. Marseilles goal scorers squandered all their chances including a corking opportunity after a poor clearence from the Boca keeper. Palermo was on fire and it was 2-0 after 80 minutes. The nail was well and truly banged into the coffin with a third 6 incher staking the heart of plucky young manager Yiggy. 3-0. There was to be no consolation.

Yiggy After the game...."I remember back in the day when, then champions of Europe and the Premier League, The Manchester Uniteds got only a single point out of their first 2 games. And they came back to finish 2nd! We may have only a single digit on the board today but my father asked me a question when I was a boy. 'What do you do if you fall off your bike son? Do you put the bike back in the shed? Do you take it back to the shop and trade it in for a Segway? No you get back on it and you PEDDLE FASTER THAN YOU DID BEFORE.' Just keep peddling, peddling, peddling until you cant peddle any more! My father was a wise man. So I am getting back on my bicycle and peddling to our FREEDOM!"

Good games Benito. My silence in the 2nd game was the video game equivalent of a team shuffling about the pitch with their heads down! I need to get a psychologist in the dressing room. Good Skills.

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Tim Spoons It 2 - 0 Bleeders

Absolute horrid start to the season for my Ajax side, who came out like a Sunday league side after the night on the piss! There was lack of urgency all over the park from Ajax, who just didn't show up on the day. Still, both sides defended quite well, and it was a tight game, however, a pass from one of the Ajax defenders managed to find the referee, who managed to put the ball into the path of the Getafe striker who slotted away with clinical ease.

Huntelaar went close, but didn't pull the trigger when presented with a decent opportunity soon after the first. Getafe soon punished the rare opportunities that fell Ajax's way with a second goal before half-time. Mid-way through the first-half, the red mist descended upon the Ajax full-back and he was given his marching orders for a cynical challenge. Harsh, but fair.

Second half, Ajax didn't really pose much of a threat to Getafe's sturdy backline, and most of the game took place in the middle with both defences cancelling each other out for the most part, a couple chances fell Getafe's way, but a keeper or last ditch defensive leg managed to quell the danger.

Bleeders 1 - 1 Tim Spoons It

After a rollicking of epic proportions, things fared a tad better in the return fixture. Ajax started brightly with some decent passing and movement off the ball, going close from kick-off, keeping the pressure on and eventually, the pressure paid off after a decent through-ball to Huntelaar just on the edge of the 18-yard box, who was able to finish with a well-taken strike. Again, like the first match, both defences were quite tight and didn't give much away. Nearing the end of the half, Huntelaar was put through again, but a kamakaze keeper done enough to put off the striker who inexplicably blasted over.

Getafe built up some momentum and enjoyed a good spell of the ball towards the end of the half, to which they were rewarded with a pull-back equaliser just before the break.

Second-half was end-to-end stuff, both sides desperate for the win piling on pressure, with both only thwarted by the defences that stood firm throughout. It was about the 70 minute mark, both sides were clearly knackered with mis-placed passes and a general lethargy running throughout both sides. I think it's fair to say, either side could've nicked the winner towards the end, but a draw was probably the fair result.

GG mate, good luck for rest of the season.

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Thanks for the games mate, even if they were both crushingly dull! I think we cancelled each other out for the most part! All the best with your season.

Your header against the post was extremely unlucky, as well as your offside. I had a couple of similar moments so I'd say a draw was fair too.

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Played scratch last night.

The season didn't start well with Moises scoring an own goal for me after 9 minutes, and then for the rest of the first half despite having a fair amount of shots to scratch's none i couldn't manage to score. Early on in the second half though Tamudo managed to bring things level, but after that I was still struggling to find the back of the net despite plenty of chances. In the 66th minute De Le Pena finally managed to stumble into possession inside the box and put the ball away to give me the lead. In the last 10 minutes Tamudo and Luis Garcia found some finishing ability to grab me another couple, leaving the score at 4-1.

RCD Espanyol (DangerM) 4 - 1 (scratch) Bayer Leverkusen

The second game went a bit more smoothly, with De La Pena putting me in the lead after 7 minutes. Tamudo got me another just before half time, and a second mid way through the second half. Like in the first game though I felt like I should have made more of the 17 shots that I had and should have got at least a couple more goals. Still, can't complain too much.

Bayer Leverkusen (scratch) 0 - 3 (DangerM) RCD Espanyol

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Marseille 2 - 2 Boca Juniors

It was a scrappy affair, in Marseille, in which Boca's ageing defence struggled to keep up with the sprightly Marseille forwards. Marseille took the lead from a powerful shot that flew past the Boca keeper. However, a neat cross saw Palermo stoop for a sneaky headed goal. In the second half, Marseille started brightly and it wasn't long before they took a deserved lead, albeit from another Boca defensive error. Boca switched to a more attacking formation and managed to find the back of the net, courtesy of a Marseille defensive blunder this time, which allowed a certain Juan Riquelme to fire the ball into the top of the net. If he was stood just an inch further back when he shot, I think the ball would have left the stadium! Cue a frantic last 10 minutes as Boca crumbled under the pressure of it all and Marseille peppered the goal with shots, but to no avail.

Boca Juniors 3 - 0 Marseille

It was a hot, sticky night in Buenos Aires as both teams took the field in La Bombonera! Ticker tape covered the pitch as the passionate Boca fans smelled French blood. Diego Maradona watched on from his throne and was the first up and cheering when Boca opened the scoring through Palermo! A second goal followed not long afterwards as the Boca player scored from an acute angle, leaving the Marseille defenders wondering how the keeper had let the ball sneak through. After that, it was end to end stuff as Marseille pressed to get back into the game and Boca hit them on the break. Palermo struck the crossbar and Riquelme went close, before a narrow miss by Marseille, was followed by a swift counter-attack and Palermo cutting inside to fire home and seal the victory.

Top game and loving the write-up, Yiggy!

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