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League Two - Official thread


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sladie (Lazio) 3 - 0 D.C (Wolfsberg)

This game was fairly close, but I created the best opportunities and finally found some form in front of goal.

D.C (Wolfsberg) 3 - 2 Sladie (Lazio)

Really disappointed to have lost this game. I conceded two late goals to go in 2-1 at half time - including D.C. scoring the best free kick I've seen in the game so far. D.C. extended his lead, before I played one back on 76 mins. For the rest of the match it could have gone either way. I missed two golden chances in the last five minutes, but D.C. was solid at the back and held on the for the win.

Both were really enjoyable games! I'm a little disappointed not to have come away with at least 4 points (I needed 6 to lift me out of the relegation zone!)

Thanks for the games D.C. and all the best with your promotion campaign!


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The League Two mid-season review

Main contenders

112.gifDangerM - his six point lead will make him hard to catch up.

103.gifTimmo - he's fun, he's frank, he's gonna struggle to win. It's Timmo!

57.gifDC - The Dynamic Devon Dynamo will be fighting for 2nd place.

Outside bet

Scratch - very tight in the middle, but could easily break into the top 3.

Destined for the drop?

Shoes - half a point a game isn't gonna help his chances.

Unknown quantity

Nada Surf - late to the party and his season is poised to go either way.

Honest Pete's Pick


"Stick it on DangerM. He's more Bamber than Paul Gascoigne, but his lead will see 'im through."

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Honest Pete is an a-hole, ignore what he says. The bloody bastard has never picked the Juniors to do well. I hate him.

If I win my games in hand I will be second, Pete, yes second. Let me guess 'Points on the board are worth two in the bush' well whatever.


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Are you describing Gazza or SaintM there? Very hard to tell the difference.


You got your free transfer and I was sacked by the board.. when will it end?!?


(Is this becuase your avg rating on the site is a bit low? I can't help that mate!)


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Just played my games with Yiggy.

(Marseille) Yiggy 1-3 Yawdib (Sheffield Wednesday)

(Sheffield Wednesday) Yawdib 1-1 Yiggy (Marseille)

Yiggy started really well in the first game, Niang was really a handfull for my defense.

I was a bit fortunate to take the lead with a penalty, I had no idea what happened with the foul, the ball was long-gone when the whistle went so I wasn't looking anywhere near where it occurred. No replay was shown either.

Yiggy pulled one back not long later with a sweet fist-time shot after Niang squared to an on-rushing midfielder to smash it into the corner. I then scored a couple more towards the end, I can't quite remember how they came about but both 2nd half substitutes, Sodje and Jeffers, grabbed a goal each to win the game.

The second game was a bit annoying... The battery in my controller ran out and while I was hurredly trying to find a replacement pair to carry on playing Niang was put through on goal but luckily (for me) put his shot high and wide. Unfortunately though, before I managed to reconnect the controller my goalkeeper took the goal kick automatically; straight to the feet of one of Yiggy's strikers who proceeded to put the ball into the net. It's disappointing, but I've got no idea if it was intentional to take advantage in such a way on Yiggy's part so I can't mark him down for that. Unfortunately I had no comms to explain the situation as I'm not at home and have no headset here.

Gladly I managed to force home an equaliser in the 80th minute after a bit of pressure, both of us were unlucky to snatch the lead in the final moments too.

Cheers and thanks for the games. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't realise I had no control over my players for those vital few moments :wacko:

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I thought if you left the keeper to take a goal kick automatically he'd just boot it as far as he could?

When your defender stopped dead the first time I thought your controller must have disconnected or something. I did take a shot on reflex but blazed it over.

When your keeper had the goal kick he stood there for ages and when you took it I assumed you had control again. As mentioned I thought that an auto GK does usually do a big hoof up the pitch but one of my strikers got it and knocked it straight in. As your mic wasn't up there was no real way this could have been avoided as the whole thing probably took not much more than 10 seconds.

We can have a rematch if you like. Up to you.

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Well from what I saw while looking for the batteries the keeper did a "long" kick, in the air anyway, but it dropped in between the lines of my defence and midfield stright to your feet. Not that I'm blaming you, as you say it only happened in a matter of 10-15 seconds (or however long it takes a goalkeeper before he kicks automatically), I wasn't sure if you knew what had happened.

I'm not asking for a rematch though, sorry if I gave that impression, I had 60+ minutes to get back into the game after that incident.

I did consider dropping out and sending you a message to explain what had gone on when it happened though, but that wouldn't really have been fair on you if you didn't take advantage on purpose. It's just one of those things.

Good luck for the rest of the season =)

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What happened to the other posts?

Is there any particular reason other league members can't post in the other dressing room threads? It's not like we use it for officially reporting results, it's just for banter and general chatting with other league members.

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Timmo 4 - 0 Billy Brown

Billy Brown 0 - 2 Timmo

After a wealth of router troubles, we finally got started, and... they were both pretty unspectacular. Not nearly as entertaining as our cup matches. We both blocked each other out for the most part, only the looser Porto team after the first couple of goals making the first scoreline due to gaps appearing. The second had two very early goals and then deadlock. Porto unable to penetrate Getafe's defensive formation, and Getafe unable to counter attack effectively due to Porto's excellent off the cuff defending. Porto were extremely lucky not to score at the end after some sloppy defending, however.

Thanks for the games Billy, as I said, shame they weren't as fun as our last ones.

Mad props also for the moment in the second game where, at 2-0, I was bashing A through a cut-scene and ended up passing my goal kick straight to his attacker. He passed it out of play for another goal kick instead of scoring. I didn't say anything and I was readying myself for the goal and my thoughtless error, he did it of his own accord. Fine conduct A++++ would play again.

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Boca Juniors 0 - 3 Ajax

Ajax 3 - 0 Boca Juniors

Two well deserved wins for Bleeders. Disappointed with the scorelines in both games but dodgy defending and a powderpuff attack meant Boca deserved little more.

Huntelaar was a beast upfront whilst Palermo was dominated by the Dutch defenders.

Well played and good luck!

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You too sir, felt you weren't getting the rub of the green in either of those games, tbh.

Best performance of the season by my lot, by far. Rejigged formation, which seemed to suit my style of play better and a rejuvenated Huntelaar, no doubt, buyoed by his imminent transfer to Real Madrid in the January window, capped a good performance over the two games.

Ilatti and Gabri worked hard over the two games, helping to anchor the midfield, trying to nullify the threat of Riquelme and getting the ball out wide to Leonardo and Kennedy to feed Huntelaar and Suarez.

Good luck for the rest of the season fella!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yiggy 2 - 1 Timmo

Timmo 0 - 2 Yiggy

Amazingly, unbelievably frustrating games for me. Passing, shooting, tackling, everything went wrong. Well played though Yiggy, your defensive line was excellent.

I'm honestly a different player to a couple of weeks ago due to lack of practice. I had a good patch and now it looks like it's over...

Sorry I rushed off, I was pretty much biting through my controller wire in fury!

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Yiggy 2 - 1 Timmo

Yiggy's plucky foreigners came into these 2 fixtures on the back of a disastrous exit from the Eufa Cup Semi Finals and some very disappointing results in the league. What a surprise then to see Marseille bolt out of the traps on top. Following some very frantic early play a lead was established but this was quickly clawed back by the fiery spaniards after a piece of disastrous defending by Marseille. Yiggy was having a connory on the side lines before the half time oranges could be handed out. As the teams made their way back out you could feel the tension in the air. The 2nd half started out very lively with chances being lashed about at both ends but after 60 minutes the ball fell to the feet of Ben Arfa 10 yards outside the penalty box and it took a sensational piece of skill to lash it into the net on the half volley. This led to the crash trolley being wheeled out and put on standby in the home dugout for the remaining 30 minutes. Despite some end to end stuff Marseille managed to hold on for a vital win.

Timmo 0 - 2 Yiggy

Following the home fixture the dashing Marseille Manager's hopes were high for back to back wins, something not achieved so far in this league this season. It was a sparky start from both teams and both had good early spells of possession pushing forward. Yet it was the visitors who were controlling the midfield and whose defense were stripping the ball from Getafe at every opportunity. However on the stroke of half time it was still 0-0. The second half saw more domination from Marseille but Getafe were pushing forward more and looking for an opportunity. The next goal could quite easily win the match. It was just short of 60 minutes when some running play from the French midfielders resulted in the perfect opportunity for Kone to slot home from the edge of the area. At 1-0 things were a bit more relaxed but the Spaniards were desperate to claw their way back into the game. Alas it was not to be when another spectacular goal sealed the game for Marseille. Following some frantic play in the area and several saved shots the ball rolled to the feet of Ziani who played the perfect defense splitting grass cutter from 25 yards out. The onion bag rippled. The traveling supporters went wild. Yiggy sipped a cup of tea by the sidelines. His heart doctor would be pleased that for once some victories were on the cards. Despite some more valiant efforts from Timmo's Wizards it took the post to stop a 3rd going in on the rebound and the game ended 2-0.

In the press conference after the game Sir Yiggster spoke these words....

"The press thought these matches would end with the high flying Snowflakes catapulting themselves to the top of the league but I am pleased to say it was not to be. What we see instead is our metaphorical phoenix rising from the relegation flames with us moving from 10th to 5th place. But with games in hand and few points separating the entire bottom half of the table a lot of work is still needed to push for a top half finish. Beating a team on twice the points you have though is always a good start! ONWARDS!"

Great games Timmo. Cheers buddy. Good luck with the title push!

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I'm not sure my heart can take these games.

I'm alright 10 minutes after, but during and straight after I'm just a wreck.

Dude tell me about it. I simply cant stop leaking goals this season particularly when I am a goal in front. In that first game I was nearly falling off my chair towards the end. You so nearly got a point and probably deserved it in that one. GG.

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Bleeders 1 - 1 Whitewashington D.C.

Great game, very close with Whitewashington being very, very unlucky not to have taken the 3 points after a calamatous defensive error, that allowed Huntelaar to equalise at the death.

Whitewashington D.C. 2 - 4 Bleeders

Bit more of an open game this one, with the game tightly poised it could've gone either way. Huntelaar opening the scoring, then the big lad for Wolfsberg hit a tremendous strike to bring the scores level. 1-1 at HT, Wolfsberg came out in the second and put Ajax under immense pressure and got their reward, capitalising on a mis-placed pass to go in front for the first time in the match. Leonardo came supplier for the equaliser, whipping in a dangerous cross for the ever-present Huntelaar to head the equaliser to make it 2-2. The Madrid-bound star, then turned provider passing back to Leonardo shortly after the equaliser to make it 3-2. The Wolfsberg heads went and near the end, Suarez supplied Huntelaar who capped off a hat-trick with a chipped effort.

Good games mate, really enjoyed chatting to you.

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Lazio (sladie) 3 - 0 Porto (Billy Brown)

I was really nervous before this game as I knew I needed to win. Billy had a great chance right at the start of the match, it was a one-on-one (one of those where you almost have too much time). But I scored twice in the first 10 minutes, and added a third before half time. Billy was always dangerous, and as I've got the worst defensive record in the league I was still nervy even at 3-0 up!

Porto 0 - 1 Lazio

This game was really close! We both had a few decent chances, but canceled each other out a bit in the midfield. I scored a really flukey goal - I think Billy was trying to keep the ball in play but basically ended up crossing it to me. Billy had a couple of good chances in the last few moments, and I was a bit lucky to come away with all three points. The ref played AGES of injury time, which made it even worse.

CFTG mate! My heart is still pounding :wub:

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