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Don't apologise at all dude, the second game went really well I thought. We just need to quick pass a bit more. We (Gus!) defended really, really well, and they didn't have a lot of clear cut chances.

I think we can write off the first game. A silly error on my part not scoping out (or fully understanding) the defensive mindset of Italy, meaning our defenders ran out willy nilly. But it wouldn't have been so bad if Disciple hadn't have got kicked off so early on, leaving Gus controlling about 4 bloody players spread across the midfield and defence.

Also, as we've said LOADS of times before, not having a full team really hurts. It's not fair people having to go any.

But enough of my moaning! Let's bask in the glory of our clean sheet (which counts for a lot points wise) and second win.

I think the tactics came together really well in the 2nd game. After the warm ups and the first game its helped us find out what was working and not working and it now feels like the formation is tight and working well for everyone.

Thank you for dropping Gattuso and sticking De Rossi in CDM as well :(

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I also apologise for my over eagerness in the first game (the, erm, last 30 mins?!) and running "back" which perhaps lead to their goal :(

The crossing worked well though, that 1st game the first time I got it BLT almost scored, and from the ones I popped up during the match BLT just scared the hell out of them. He's undefendable!

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Play who you want, where you want and in what way you want but the outcome will be the same - You will lose & we will win beacuse we are invincible (except for that first game of course :D )


Actually hadn't thought about losing until that post but now wishing I'd kept quiet!

I will look a tit and will post my apologies accordingly! :(


We had Italy with Wallace and went with De Natale / BLT / Cassano

The only other thing I'd say is not playing Camoranesi is a mistake (RM of 4 Midfielders or RCM of 3) - he's awesome - it was left to me to make him poor to average and I duly obliged with my (less than) mad skillz!


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Well played guys. You hung on well in the second game. BLT is going to give me nightmares for the second time this week.

You guys played well to mate.

Was a good laugh doing battle with yourself as well there Tyler after last season. Look forward to playing you again later in the season.

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What happened in the first game. Did my goal not get us anything? Our defence was awesome in the second game - well played guys.

Everyone lagged out so we started another game and just played 30 mins with the scores carrying through. I tried sending you a few invites mate while we were setting up game 1.5.

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If we had a decent RF too, we'd be even better. Playing Cassano out there isn't the best, as he's a stiker, I only put him there as he's quick. I'll have a look this week...everyone do the same. Input is vital at this stage!

RPL United 3 - 2 RPL City


A sharp start from Italy seemed to take focus away from their defensive management, which England took full advantage of. Match was abandoned after Disciple swore too much and the referee thought it best to let him log off and calm down, but England managed hold on for the win after the match restarted.

Goals: themomentbefore 12

Lilywhite (Cassano) (?) 85

Cards: None

MOM: Pfft.

Match Ratings: unavailable



RPL City 1 - 0 RPL United


An early header from Luca Toni capped a solid defensive performance from Italy, with some wonderous defending stifling England to not many clear cut chances. A clean sheet was thoroughly deserved. Onwards and UPWARDS.

Goals: Mitchell (Toni) 10

Cards: None

MOM: Buffon

Match ratings:

GK - 10

RB - 9

RCB - 5

LCB - 8

LB - 6

RCM - 6

CM - 9

LCM - 6

RW - 5

ST - 8

Lw - 8


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Everyone lagged out so we started another game and just played 30 mins with the scores carrying through. I tried sending you a few invites mate while we were setting up game 1.5.

Every time I accepted it just said "you have been kicked from session" - I doubt I would have made much difference.

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Cassano probably isnt that bad BUT he was against Ashely Cole who's dead quick. I was luckier against Richards - whoever was playing him wasn't paying attention in the first half...especially for the first goal I was free to deliver a super cross for BLT to ram home with his head - aka HOLD DOWN BUTTON SO BALL SKIES TO FALL ON HEAD OF BIG MAN.

Whoever keeps the Di Natalie position will have to keep looking for that quick break and use his superb left foot to find the forehead of our jolly blue giant.

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I've had a response from Mitchell and he knew about the rule but decided to field that team anyway as he didn't agree with it.

I'd of let it slide with a warning if it was a genuine mistake, but as it was clearly a decision to break the rules every team abides by I'm left with little choice but to dock 10 points from the team.

I'm disappointed, since there has been ample time to discuss the rules if there was a problem them. That didn't happen though, so I've got to take this action to avoid the rules becoming totally optional.

I'm sure the players of City will be unhappy with this decision, and it's a shame that your performance is being penalised, but the rules are there to ensure a level playing ground for all teams.

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This is still petty though.

Which bit is petty?

The rule itself, or that your team has been pulled up for breaking it?

I'm not wanting to antagonise things, but I do try and make things as transparent as possible when decisions are made.

If you are not happy with it because it has cost you points, well, that's natural.

If you are not happy with it because you think it is an unfair rule, that's open to discussion.

The 3rd option of course, is that you are unhappy with it because your team have been punished for breaking a rule. I'm sure you can't be unhappy with that though, can you?

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