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The Official Iain M Banks Thread


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1 hour ago, K said:

I kind of want to hang onto the signed page too. Would you accept 75% of the unsigned pages?


I'm willing to trade the remaining 25% of unsigned pages for this signed page from Doug Naylor's Last Human. (Which, like you, I did not know was signed when I bought it second-hand.)


Think about it: then you'll have one copy of Excession signed by two British sci-fi authors! 🤑



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Really enjoyed this one, the first time there has been a fact filled appendix and lots of aliens interacting with each other. But maybe because it doesn't focus on the minds or AI, it is also one of the least interesting on a philosophical level. It makes up for it though with some strong characters and the concept of a shellworld is brilliant, if a bit mad. I also actually laughed quite a bit, the Oct in particular were good value and I hope they return.


Already cracking on with Surface Detail now as my friend who I'm borrowing these from is leaving my work, I must say I am getting weary of anything with virtual worlds (and time travel or multi-verses) but this is Banks so I feel I'm in good hands.

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Interesting factoid that I stumbled across in the Culture subreddit the other day. Well, less a fact, more an aspect of the book that had completely passed me by when I had read it previously - in Excession, in the absolutely badass sequence where the Killing Time takes down the rogue Culture ship, the Killing Time uses its effector to convince the Attitude Adjuster to commit suicide. 

Looking back at it, it seems quite obvious - the Killing Time scans the Attitude Adjuster, seemingly without recognising it, but immediately afterward the AA starts having serious doubts about its mission that quickly spiral into suicidal thoughts. It’s obvious when you know what you’re looking for (or maybe I’m just not very observant) but still subtly done, and a nice twist on the classic space opera battle sequence. 

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