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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

James Ape

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Is there anyway to get the beta without buying Infamous?

It was a pre-order promotion in Europe anyway, which is where I assume you are. I'm sure there will be some website promotions and such after E3, though; according to the Beta boards they're expecting a lot of people, and there aren't any NDAs on this one.

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Most games with guns must wind you up then right? Or is it only for the more powerful guns?

It's trying to find the right balance.

If the next COD accurately implemented every factor in a contact situation, it just wouldn't sell. And it wouldn't be any fun to play, to boot.

Factors like wind speed and bullet drop would be a significant improvement though. Hell, it would sort the men from the boys in MP.

But with something as devastating as a Hind or the equivalent, it's massively jarring to see such disproportionate damage. At least make the thing half-threatening.

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So does the BETA include Europe aswell? In particular The Netherlands? Cuz' I got a key from someone but it's not working (yet).

Yep, email it's from is news@eu.playstation.com. Someone above report they're downloading already so i think the code you have must have expired.

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I think the beta is alright but a bit scrappy. It doesn't look as good as the single player game will. It's funny to see how many people have not played the first game, as their shots go all over the place, making them easy pickings. I've leveled up to lvl 6 or so in a few matches. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get into a game that is anything but team deathmatch. Everytime the vote comes up between deathmatch and plunder, everyone picks deathmatch. I suspect plunder would be slightly more my cup of tea but I must be in the minority there. Anyway, the beta is solid, and good for something free, but probably not the best showcase for Uncharted 2.

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How are people finding the beta so far? I've tried a couple of times to get into matchmaking but it seems it can't find any other players even if there are loads of them online.

Played two games of Plunder this evening. Hideously annoying scoring that needs to be fixed (or, if I'm missing something, explained) ASAP - I played really fucking well, but unselfishly and thus got no points or cash at the end of the game, would have been better off just killing people and ignoring the actual objectives - but it seems quite good apart from that.

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