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Demon's Souls - remake's OUT - mindful of the spoilers, please!


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Yeah, its worth just going in and just watching / dodging his attacks to learn them. Don't worry about attacking, just look for openings (this is a good general tactic for any boss fight in the souls games).

Observe and learn!

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I'd forgotten I had this via PS+ so installed it on Tuesday to get me back in the swing of things before Bloodborne. Taken out five bosses so far (Phalanx, Tower Knight, Armor Spider, Flame Lurker & Adjudicator), and as usual have a Jack of all Trades build which mostly involves hiding behind the biggest shield to hand. I'm going to get murdered without one in BB.

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Instead of spending £400 on a PS4 and Bloodborne and PSN+ subscription i've bought this again for £3.99, bargain!

A couple of questions for anyone who's platinumed it..

Is it easier to start a new play through or continue my NG+ character?

Doable with a single character - it requires 2.5 playthroughs like Dark Souls in order to get all the different spells. Also, you will need to either get 20 Faith or get lucky with drops to get a Pure Faithstone (for the Blessed weapon trophy).

Any tips for world tendency?

Play offline!

Seriously, makes it a lot easier. Also, unless you need to darken a world's tendency, kill yourself in the Nexus after beating each boss (to avoid accidentally dying in a world and lowering it's tendency).

ALso, if you are going to do the character tendency stuff too, I would do that either as earlier as possible (so that you can recover your CT afterwards), or right at the end of the whole thing. It's a bit of a ball-ache playing with the stat-nerf you get from PBCT.

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Are you sure that isn't because you played it first or something? Because Demon's ain't that hard compared to Dark and Blood, it's about the same difficulty level in fact. An it has none of the badly designed unfair bullshit of Dark 2. I think you'd be surprised if you do go back.

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You should go back to Demons Souls Spainkiller, it's really not that bad nowadays especially if you're more experienced with the Souls games. Apart from Maneater, he can get tee fuck the cunt. Not saying it's easy, just saying it's about par with the others for difficulty.

Also you madman, suggesting people skip Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1. Regardless of how much you like Dark Souls 2 (and I actually agree it's a good game) they have some of the best areas of the series, especially Tower Of Latria in Demons Souls, probably still my favourite area from any of the games.

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Considering I played Dark Souls (and its New Game +) first, I'm pretty damn sure that isn't the case.

Weird, because Demon's really isn't that difficult compared to the others imho and I'm an average gamer at best. I really think you should go back and see considering how fast you managed to finish Bloodborne.

Well, different players find different things to be difficult, surely.

Demon's Souls definitely doesn't have the hardest bosses, but it definitely has the hardest world to traverse and that's always the thing I keep in mind the most. (Mainly because I enjoy boss battles to begin with, especially if they're hard.)

Apart from a bumpy first few hours, Bloodborne is dead easy compared to its three predecessors.

I'm finding Bloodborne to be as difficult as the previous games, but as I said I'm not that good. And as you say, different gamers and all that. I *really* think you should go back to Demon's though.

I don't know if anyone told you, but I'm the forum's main Dark Souls 2 defender so get out with that shit.

There's only one area in the entirety of Dark Souls 2 that I truly, deeply detest (the small, optional snowstorm area in the third DLC chapter) and apart from that it sure as fuck contains nothing that rivals the horrendous, uninspired bullshit like Lost Izalith from Dark Souls.

I'm playing through Dark Souls 2 for the fourth time now (Scholar of the First Sin on PS4) and I am definitely not ashamed to admit that it might be the series' high point for me. The best moments in the series are found within Dark Souls 1 (mainly its DLC, and fights like O&S) but it also has the worst moments, whereas Dark Souls 2 is consistently solid from start to finish. People are hating on its boss fights for no fucking reason either, as for every Gank Squad (which I actually enjoy, if only for its lore implications) it has something perfect like Darklurker. Best PvP in the series, too. It comes as no surprise to me that almost everyone I talked to who hated Dark Souls 2, didn't seem to have fought its fantastic and hard-as-fuck bosses like Sinh and Fume Knight.

Fuck replaying Dark Souls and fuck replaying Demon's Souls: I want to encourage all of you to pick up Scholar of the First Sin. ESPECIALLY if you've just finished Bloodborne. Do away with the shield, pump some points into ADP and play the game with your newly acquired BB skills and see if the game doesn't open up for you.

EDIT: [/thread derail] yeah demons souls is a pretty cool game too guys it has a dragon god

I bought Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 on launch day and I'm planning to do exactly that. I was always a shield en brute force kind of player in the Souls games and now that I'm finally getting gud in Bloodborne, dancing around enemies like it ain't no thang, I want to go back to Souls 2 and try out a no-shield character. I never bought the DLC so I've got plenty of new stuff to look forward to.

Also, personally the Souls series is all about exploration for me. I love traversing the meticulously designed world and figuring out how it all fits together. I haven't finished Bloodborne yet, but that's why it looks like it's going to be my fave Souls game so far. The world design and the atmosphere is far beyond any of the Souls game that came before. (edit: if the level design remains this good all the way to the end of course) That's also why Souls 2 is my least favourite (but still very very good compared to all other games of course) since the world design is nowhere near the others.

On-topic: I'm still hoping for a HD remake of Demon's and Dark for PS4. As much as I generally dislike lazy remakes, I love the Souls series and I love the idea of having all the games in lovely HD on one single platform. I would buy such a collection at a high price.

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I practically lived in Boletaria, so i know it well, and its not as difficult as the oppressive atmosphere leads you to believe.

If you take it one foot infront of the other, and keep that shield up under your chin, you really don't have a lot to worry about, bar a couple of the more aggressive bosses (and Allant lol, who's top tier material).

Now if you're talking Pure Black World Tendency, then that's a whole different kettle of fish! You need some serious skills (and balls) just traversing the level, nevermind facing off against one of the named NPC's (i found the Hunters in Bloodborne very reminiscent of these encounters, and some of the best fights in the game).

Demon's is still the best of the bunch for me!

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3 reasons why Demons is the best - darkest most oppressive atmosphere, great NPCs, best and most evocative music of the series.

Saying that I played none of the DS2 DLC as I hated the main game so much and don't have a PS4 for Bloodborne and won't have until its dead cheap or it hits PC which I highly doubt it will.

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Took down my first Pure White event this morning (Miralda in Bolatarian Palace). When I returned to the Nexus my tendency reset to neutral... Does this mean after taking down the Pure White/Pure Black NPCs the tendency is reset? I'd already collected all the loot for that world so I haven't missed anything yet!

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It was totally worth buying a ps4 for Bloodborne. I'd planned on selling it after completing it, but I can see me playing it for a good while to come yet. I don't know if I can go back to the earlier games now... Don't know if that helps.

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