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its because im boring :)

It's nothing to do with being boring. It's just that it doesn't give everyone a fair chance to have a go in the more glamourous positions (if they want to, of course), as you & I discussed when the idea of a BAP league was first mooted. I pointed out that it wasn't fair to start baggsying CF positions from the off, and you said that wasn't what you were doing. I'm not sure history backs you on that.

i dont really mind, at the end of the day its all about fun and i would enjoy playing CB to try and keep a clean sheet or RB/LB to get up and down the wing and whip some balls in :) i think every position can be fun if your positive :quote:
i said id enjoy it not it would be my preferred position. rotation sounds good, i think we always done it on 5v5 anyways.
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