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Dave +1 launches on Freeview


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Just seen this on Digital Spy. Sub-SD, madness! Should broadcast TV not have minimum standards? Most of the TV shows I acquire online look better than this.

Channels now at 544x576;



Ideal World




Film 4

UKTV History/ Virgin 1

The first four channels look absolutely shit, the sound on all of them are now horribly compressed at 128kbs. What a mess. Can wait to hear a film at 128kb/s on Film4, it was bad enough at 160kbs.

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rescan your box/TV

I was gonna say that my box (connected to the bedroom TV) doesn't need rescanning (does it automatically) but it appeared literally within an hour of my post. I'll rescan my TV in the sitting room though (which does need manually scanning).

And they have updated the channel list on the link I posted after I posted too (it definitely wasn't there at the time).

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I don't get why the BBC don't do a BBC1 & 2 +1 channel - it seems a hell of a lot of channels do these days

They don't do a +1 of ANY channel. I can only think it's due to bandwidth (cos they already have a ton of channels on Freeview). As someone else said though, they do have iPlayer, which can be accessed on the big screen too, if you have a PS3, Wii or other computer device that can be connected to the TV.

Has anyone noticed that CNN has come on? I seem to remember a report about a channel deciding to shut up shop and put CNN in it's place. Which channel is it? It's good to see CNN though.

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Exactly - it's fine for Sky and Virgin to have them, but space is at a premium on Freeview. Especially when you have a +1 of a channel that repeats its entire schedule every few hours anyway.

Which is why I don't think Dave+1 will last very long. UKTV bought the space and had to use it, but will no doubt move one of their new channels onto it later in the year (Eden, Blighty etc).

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The image quality is very poor compared to normal Dave. Noticeable compression (on my HD telly), and generally quite fuzzy. A bit of a waste, unless I miss something important, but they only show the same stuff over and over again, so why bother?

Still, at least I get the signal, unlike ITV, which might as well broadcast by carrier pidgeon carrying series of postcards.

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