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PS3 Fifa09 - Possible to transport a team to the console of a friend?


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I guess this is probably the best place to ask being a forum full of football gamers and, I think, all Fifa players?

I've recently caved in to peer pressure and bought Fifa09 on the PS3 to satisfy my buddy who also has it. So on each of our consoles we have both made dramatic changes to our supported teams for fantasy matches against the giants of world football - the likes of Messi, Simao, Puyol to the fortress Loftus Road, home of the mighty QPR for me & the likes of Rooney, Czech, Henry to the Walkers Stadium, home of the lowly Leicester City for him.

Can anyone tell me, and explain how it's done, whether it's possible to save modified squad details so they can be transported between PS3s? We want to both be able to play with our fantasy teams at each other's houses.

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