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Spoiler Guidelines


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Here are a set of guidelines regarding the use of spoilers in this folder:

- In TV threads please use spoilers up until 8pm the day after first transmission

- In film threads please use spoilers up until the end of the theatrical run

- No 'alternative media' spoilers in TV Show / Film threads unless explicitly labeled

- Where possible provide a description of what you are spoiling - e.g. at the end...


he died

- Do not post unrelated spoilers in other film or TV threads (e.g. spoiling the end of the director's previous film)

- Any information that hasn't been gained simply by watching the TV show/film in question should be treated as a spoiler

- Use common sense. If you think what you are typing could potentially spoil somebody else's enjoyment of said film or TV show then make sure you spoiler it.

- Spoilers can be added by clicking or tapping on the eye icon in the editor bar.


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Updated to remove spoiler tag information
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