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Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC


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I am going to be running RDR on my monitor using HDMI (1920x1080) as I hardly get any time to use the TV downstairs. This way although it won't look as good, it means I can play it when I want, rather than being limited to when Coronation Street or Come Dine with Me isn't on :facepalm:

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Got my chance to play a bit of this last night and i am really liking it, rockstar have really captured the lonely feel of the wild west and it looks super. I played a mission last night where the weather changed and god i think it looked fantastic

I have also had the same thing happen with the man coming over and trying to nick my horse!

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I have the overwhelming urge to listen to Johnny Cash.

Funny enough when i played a bit last night i grabbed my ipod and put johnny cash on thought it was very funny.

I want to say moree about the game but the spoiler tags do not seem to be working.

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LOD is a lot more aggressive on PS3, change in geometry and object pop etc are a lot more noticeable.

The frame rate is much worse on PS3 too.

It is definitely NOT better than GTA4.

It's just that the nature of game makes frame rate issues less noticeable.

(You drive 200MPH in middle of crowded city in GTA, where you ride horse on barren wasteland in RDR)

Probably one of the worst port ever.

Funny how RDR got free pass from IGN when Bayonetta & Lost Planet 2 got picked for their flaws.

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Mine just arrived from Amazon. Yeeehaw!! etc.

*runs upstairs to Xbox*

Now sat on my desk :facepalm:

So Shopto and some other online retailers had to sign an agreement with TakeTwo, not to deliver RDR until Friday. So how come Amazon, and GameGears can get away with delivering RDR today?

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Hah! I cancelled my long standing pre-order with Amazon on Tuesday in order to place it with ShopTo instead.... because I thought I'd get it sooner! Hahahaha!! Now I've spent £3 more getting the game later and I've lost the exclusive golden guns (with Amazon pre-order)

Hahahahahaha!! :lol::facepalm::(:quote:

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