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Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC


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An insider at Tesco has told Eurogamer there are shipping delays with the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption.

Therefore, most if not all of the country's Tesco stores will have no PS3 copies to sell at tonight's midnight launch events.

Xbox 360 stock is unaffected.

Tesco customer service told Eurogamer it hadn't heard of such a problem and that we must know more than they do.

While this shipping delay appears localised to Tesco's UK-wide sales, the blue-and-white supermarket isn't the only one having problems.

ASDA told Eurogamer this afternoon that no copies of Red Dead: Redemption would be sold in its stores. All sales of the game will be handled on the ASDA website. There's been an issue between ASDA and its supplier, apparently.

Eurogamer is waiting to hear back from Sainsbury's, HMV and GAME.

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Been on it a couple of hours - it's good, but I can't say much. Spent half that time doing a couple of basic missions for the sherriff and earn $100 for my efforts, then lost it all getting cleaned out at poker. Given that I know little of card games, and spent most of my time learning the ropes (which the game makes fairly accessable imo), I can't comment on how well they've implemented it. Would welcome comments from fellow gamblers.

Anyway, playing with autoaim off is fine, the crucial difference between doing so in this and in gta however is the less uniform environments. It's quite easy to lose your crosshair dot in all the ground clutter. No bad thing imo though, I felt it rather added to the western style.

Graphics are everything the videos promised, nothing significant in terms of frame rate on the 360 so far, though personally I did find it a little washed out on my tv without the contrast and saturation bumped up a notch.

Voice acting is great. I already liked Marston more than any gta character after the first 5 minutes. That gravelly tone suits him perfectly.

Oh, also pleased to see you get to keep the same horse for as long as you can keep him alive if you wish.

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Some idiot pulled me off the horse and rode off on it. A bullet to the back solved that little mishap.

I was doing the Pike's Basin Mission and dismounted to "search" a body. Idiot horse walked off a cliff!!! I at least got some meat and hide out of it. Ran back to the Ranch, saved, went out and whistled and my newly reincarnated steed comes dashing to me (fortunately).

I seem to get killed too often, At least there is no charge for respawning (unlike GTA IV).

Was rescuing that travelling salesman, which game me a chance to drive a wagon (badly at the first attempt). I managed to fail the mission and was agreeably surprised to see I could restart from a checkpoint which is a nice improvement over GTA IV.

Did a fair amount of looting from dead outlaws, shot a few Coyotes plus Nightwatchman missions on the Ranch and I have almost $300. That for about 3 hours play.

360 version arrived from GAME this morning. Shopto sent my PS3 version today. If it fails to arrive in the morning I can claim the £3 back!

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Fuck, man. I want to nuke your taskbar from orbit.

You try running three monitors without ultramon.

Someone needs to change the subtitle 'hopefully as good as revolver' to 'well, this is the purtiest damn gameworld that there ever was'.

Movement is a little awkward (i.e. it's the same as GTA4) and the first few missions are a bit humdrum. It doesn't really matter though, because your jaw is bumping on the ground and you can barely concentrate on the task at hand.

I sent my mate into fits of laughter by accidentally shooting my horse in the back of the head in slow motion and rolling off it like a gymnast on the piss.

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Actually quite a few blokes coming out of Tescos at midnight with their copies and an occasional bemused girlfriend in tow. Hadn't realised how much I miss that atmosphere of quiet comraderie! So are the 800 XBL points bundled in or did I have to flap a newspaper clipping about like the guy in front of me?

Didn't seem to be any shortage of PS3 copies either.

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Actually quite a few blokes coming out of Tescos at midnight with their copies and an occasional bemused girlfriend in tow.

My girlfriend has only ever enjoyed three games in her entire life: GTA4 (watching me play it 'because it was a bit like the Sopranos'), Beatles Rock Band, and Plants Vs Zombies, which she's clocked up hundreds of hours on. I buy and play quite a lot of games, and she never shows even a passing interest in 99% of them. Bizarrely, when I brought this home, she said "Yay, oh cool!" when she saw it on the table, and watched me play it for the first 30 mins or so, commenting on how cool various things were and how good the world looked. Bizarre. But nice :lol:

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I do like Morrius' posts, although i did expect that one to end randomly I.e. "So I hit her" or "Then she covered herself in bacon".

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