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Richard Morgan


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Noticed on his blog this morning that he's trying to clear out some office space so he's selling off a load of his books that he has lying around...

I've blagged a signed hardback of Black Man & Altered Carbon :)


Happy New Year!

Bit of a crisis of office space right now. I have author copies of my stuff piling up everywhere, and it's getting so I've forgotten what colour the floor beneath all the cardboard boxes is. So - for a limited period only - I'm offering a bunch of my books for sale.

Basically, the deal is this: I'll sign and/or personalise to e-mail order as requested, and then sell you the resulting copy for cover price plus postage. If that seems fair, all you need to participate are:

1) A pay-pal account

2) A home address

3) Some money

To save time and math, I'm going to band all postage costs at a couple of basic levels - Big (hardback, trade paperback) and Small (mass market paperback). This will obviously vary with destination, but will always include whatever tracking option is available for the parcel in each case.

So - mail me with what you want, I'll let you know if I've got copies, and I'll give you a price. If you're agreeable to that price, you make the payment into the pay-pal account I give you, and I'll send the book off as soon as confirmation comes through.

For now, you can assume that I have multiple copies of UK and US editions, both paperback and hardback (where hardback exists), as well as a sprinkling of translated editions in about twenty other languages, and also a few audio-books (which I'll sign in marker on the back of the case). As I say, this is for a limited time only, specifically for the purposes of clearing some space on my shelves, and I expect (I hope!) supply will decline quite fast - so if you're interested, for either yourself or a gift for someone else, I'd advise you to get in quick!

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