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Old School Rave and Jungle


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I've given Peshay's Miles From Home album a few spins this week. I must say I'm disappointed. There are a few good tunes on there, but the DnB stuff all sounds the same to me. The best tracks on the album are the non-D&B stuff.

Are there any killer Jungle/DnB albums? Goldie's Timeless is my favourite, but the double disc (black cover) feels bloated in comparison to the single disc (white cover) version. Grooverider knocked out a double cd album with some nice stuff amongst the bloat. Similarly, Bukem's debut had a few nice tracks but was also in need of editing down.


Thought of another - Adam F's Colours is great from start to finish. Nice mixture of styles too.

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The Modus Operandi lp by Photek is a stone cold classic and I always liked Dillinjas Cybertron album, for something a bit different you could try Archive by Flytronix which is more of a collection of his twelves but he was always used more live instrumentation and was always a bit underrated.

Maybe try some E Z Rollers, or Alex Reece's LP.

But really the best drum and bass albums are label compilations like the Enforcers series or Platinum Breakz etc.

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Black Street technology, Timeless, Modus Operandi, and Two Pages are the only genre album standouts IMHO.



Enforcers series are the best compilations.

Then there are the second tier stuff, like maybe the No U Turn Torque album which I'd class as an artist album rather than compilation personally, (http://www.discogs.com/Various-Torque/release/12101), Digital, Klute, Seba, Paradox, Dillinja, Bukem, Sonar Circle, Seiji. Teebee,. etc. etc. But most of those guys never really had a cohesive 'album' and you would be as well getting a compilation or buying their work single by single.

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Here's a list of all the D&B artist albums I have

4 Hero - Two Pages, first disc is great, but not at all D&B. Second disc is patchy, though there are a couple of good tracks. We Who Are Not Others is my fave. Few nice tracks on the remix album too iirc.

Adam F - Colours, really like it from start to finish.

Alex Reece - So Far, really good album but the beats are really light, so it's like chill out D&B!

Goldie - Timeless, white version is classic, black version has some filler.

Goldie - Saturnz Return, few great tracks on here, few shit ones too. Hasn't aged as well as Timeless.

Grooverider - Mysteries of Funk, getting better with each listen but still bloated.

London Elektricity - Power Ballads, great uplifting pop-y D&B.

LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards, some nice stuff but it all drags on a bit.

Makoto - Human Elements, funky liquid(?) D&B, few good tracks but some of it is bland.

Nookie - The Sound of Music, fucking awesome hardcore/jungle from 94. Loads of good tracks.

Omni Trio - The Haunted Science, pretty decent effort here. Nice melodic beats.

Peshay - Miles From Home, jazzy but dull for the most part, with a few choice cuts.

Photek - Form & Function, couple of classic tracks but not a great album, though I guess it wasn't meant to be?

Photek - Modus Operandi, not listened to this enough but it's pretty decent, if a little dark.

Roni Size & Reprazent - New Forms, this is still pretty good, but I never loved it, you know?

Been getting quite a few compilations recently, will run through them another time.

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Not quite sure why this 2 year old Soulwax Radio video of 90s Belgium Rave tracks slowed down to 115bpm has been gaining traction online today but I'm glad it did:

Got my dance moves and fashion down to a tee. Shit rules, proper fist pump stuff.

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There's not a single jungle album i've listened to from end to end more than once or twice. Timeless, Parallel Universe and Black Secret Technology stand out, but I still wouldn't ever stick them on. Give me a an old live set or radio tape rip every single time. It's the way it's meant to be heard.

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Not quite sure why this 2 year old Soulwax Radio video of 90s Belgium Rave tracks slowed down to 115bpm has been gaining traction online today but I'm glad it did:

Got my dance moves and fashion down to a tee. Shit rules, proper fist pump stuff.

Does anyone have a link to the original at full speed, or is it a video spliced to the slowed down tunes? It's great either way.

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the best 'albums' of the golden years DnB scene were compilations and still my favouritefrom this period is the Doc Scott mixmag compilation. I still listen to it regularly and against all the artist albums from that period which were mostly bloated and overambitious it stands up as the perfect representation of all the best that DnB had at that time, perfectly mixed. Just look at this tracklisting

o1 Jonny L -- Tychonic Cycle
o2 DJ Krust -- The Last Day
o3 The Art Of Noise -- Eye Of A Needle (Lemon D Remix)
o4 Deep Blue & Blame -- Re-Transitions
o5 Decoder -- Life
o6 Cybotron Featuring Dillinja -- Threshold
o7 Adam F -- Metropolis
o8 Nasty Habits -- Shadow Boxing
o9 DJ Krust -- Brief Encounter (12 Minutes)
10 Omni Trio -- Trippin' On Broken Beats (Carlito Mix)
11 Decoder -- Circuit Breaker
12 Hokusai -- Red Lights
13 Jonny L -- Symbiosis

Listen to it here -

Doc Scott still does the best podcast mixes on his Future Beats show.

I am going to give a vote to Boymerang though. His album of the time 'Balance of the Force' always comes to mind when I think of good DnB artist album.

Boymerang – Balance Of The Force

Mostly because of the mighty 'Still'

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The Dope Dragon stuff above reminds me of the mashup Roni was doing during the live sets 96/97. Ready or Not is still a tune, firm favourite. Used to like Dictation, but it's pure cheddar looking back on it.

I still think the best dnb album that stands up today is V Classics. Plantinum Breakz is fondly remembered too, mostly for Unofficial Ghost tho.

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But on top of the ridiculous bogeyman of the rave MC as FM frequency drug pusher, we had the oft conjured image of a packed jumbo jet full of screaming holiday makers flying straight into Canary Wharf because the pilot had caught an unexpected blast of 'Original Nuttah' in his headset.


Great article

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