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God of War 3


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Just finished the demo, I'll spoiler my impressions even though everyone has prob seen the content of it, its the E3 demo. Non spoilered I'll quickly say that for non GoW fans this doesn't seem to drastically change anything- it's as much GoW as the other two games were, near exactly the same type of gameplay, pacing and feel. GoW fans will love it

You get two weapons in the demo- the usual athena blades and the big lion head boxing glove type things. The latter sound and feel AMAZING- they're like big shotguns on your hands, they feel completely brutal.

Combat is very similar to 1 and 2 with some new tricks. Being able to grab an enemy and use them as a battering ram feels brilliant. Also using harpies as platforms is pretty cool too, fits in nicely with the whole brutal feel of it.

There is a bit which some may find frustrating if you dont work it out, where you have to hit the light god dude as he's flying around with a pull back arrow thing- let it go the exact moment you hear his voice then it'll hit him.

Also towards the end of the demo there are a few new cool ideas- the illuminating secrets and enemies in the darkness and the flying bit felt fucking awesome, proper relentless shit going on around you as you race through a tunnel.

All in all keeps the GoW brutal epic action feel and ramps it up a good little bit in a few places. The graphics have this lovely sharp smooth quality to them on a good TV- the game looked amazing especially as it zoomed in for dramatic and QTE bits. Framerate was lovely too. Convinced me to preorder the damn thing anyway

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So have they maintained 60 fps?

At times. They're not aiming for 60fps throughout.

I can basically echo what Uzi said. Game looks damn good, character models and lighting in particular. The end of the demo is pure wow and some of the kills are insane.

Considering this is a demo that is a couple of months old, the final game should look the part. It already does.

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Can anyone confirm if demos are limited by the 5 limit download you get normally with DLC/games from PSN? Apparently they aren't so I can share with more. We can set up a system for people to line up and pass around the dummy account I made with each other so here is how it has gone so far with me

1: Vemsie

2: Imp

3: The Sarge

Folk who asked for a slot next in order in the thread are next so keep the list going and PM the last person on the list for the login information if demo's can be passed around without a limit. Mortis has a dummy account too, so you can pass around two lists at a time.

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OK I've shared with 1 person so far - anyone else looking just drop me a pm and I'll update the list.


2:Phil G


If you can PM the next person on the list once you are done that would be great.

Any chance I can get the demo if theres a slot left ? couldn't PM as I don't have the post count to pull it off ^_^

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Just wanted to say thanks again to Uzi for the account details. ^_^

I thought the demo was great. Excellent visuals, very gory & brutal combat & pretty easy to master combos/controls.

Don't really like the fixed camera though, but can't really do much about that.

Anyway, really impressed with the demo...it's made the wait for the Collection even harder. :D

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I was downloading the demo, and it told me someone else had signed in to the account so I would be signed out, however the download is continuing. Whoever did it is a cheeky monkey, but I guess it means more than one can download it at once.

Ah, sorry man that was me. I didn't realise you were signed in as Mortis had PM'd me the account details. Anyhoo, I'm done downloading now so I'll PM the next person. And it doesn't warn you either that someone else is signed in.

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