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God of War 3


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All of it is in game. Some of it is part of QTE-sequences, but it's still in game.

Trust me, it's an incredible looking game. Arguably the most impressive next gen game yet, considering the stuff it's doing.

How was the frame rate in the build you played Vemsie?

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How was the frame rate in the build you played Vemsie?

I only saw new footage, I didn't play it myself. I think it's fine really, but then again, I don't think GoW needs constant 60fps.

It's not the high speed combo fest that Bayonetta is. Purely as a technical combat game, I prefer Bayo.

But Santa Monica aims high. It does some absolutely insane stuff. That water horse/titan fight is a jaw dropping spectacle.

I get the impression that this is what Game Informer's editor in chief meant when he Twittered this:


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