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Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread


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Yeah that's gonna look great when you get the art on there!

I think the fact that, while I'm comfortable disconnecting wires from connectors and scraping residue glue from the port on the stick, the idea of designing and printing some vinyl artwork with a few holes in it is somewhat beyond me.

But hey, the German guy offers that as a service now as well... ;)

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It did for me - but IF you can get Madcatz to pay attention (good luck) or take it back to the shop - you might be better off trying those options first...

I received a response! Only after I emailed them yesterday evening mind:


Thank you for your email regarding the problem you are having with your product. From the information you have provided, we have concluded that your product is faulty, and it will need to be returned to us to be replaced. We need to log an RMA number for your product return and would be grateful if you could provide us with the following information for our returns process.

Please can you fill in?

Your Name:


Phone number:

Email address:

From the info sticker on the underside of the product, could you let us know the following?

ART Number (does not apply to Turtle Beach):

Serial Number (does not apply to Turtle Beach):

Please could you also let us know the age of the product (when was it bought) and, if you have proof of purchase to redeem the warranty.

Finally, please provide a brief description of the fault you are experiencing with this product.



Uk Tech Support

Madcatz Europe Ltd

Email – ukcustomerservices@madcatz.com

Web – www.saitek.com www.madcatz.com www.eclipsetouch.com}

In two minds whether I ought to bother sending it in now since it's working again! Just hope it lasts now is all (though in the not too distant future I aim to mode out the stick/ buttons).

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So my TE Stick faceplate arrived from Germany this very morning.

Big ol image dump to follow. Gentlemen, start your engines - this is basically TE stick porn.











tl:dr version -


Very, very happy with the result. Really easy to do as well, considering this is essentially my first mod - now toying with the idea of swapping the buttons out.

I order this VERY same black full Plexi the other week but am awaiting new stock.

EDIT: Actually the one i ordered is 6 buttons, not 8.

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I've been split between getting the clear plexi from that place and knocking together some art, or the black plexi. Gave myself until next month to think it over.

And that black plexi really does look immense. ;) The clean white ball and buttons sit perfectly alongside the side panels.

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Thanks but it's not your fault - these things happen!

BUT! To go or not to go without the arcade stick. Since it's the only one I have and I've read even when it's been to Mad Catz for 'repair' it's 50/50 as to whether it comes back with the issue permanently resolved or not.

I'll use it in the coming days and make a decision as to whether to send it back - I don't know how trust worthy they can be and it'll cost in in P&P to send it to them at my expense I'm sure ;)

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Looks like its from the begining of time, made out of dark matter.


For the next TE stick that's on its way (THIS IS A SICKNESS), I'm contemplating the idea of ordering a load of black Sanwa buttons, black ball top, and if possible, a white 8 button plexi. Those two, sat next to each other, might just be a sight to make me cry man tears.

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Just gave my spanking new TE 'S' a spin. FEELS GOOD MAN. So much smoother to pull off half circles and the like, unlike my old battered EX2 which I had to claw into the depths of the Earth to hit the contacts. And the buttons - so sensitive. :D A worthy purchase if you keep missing the bargain regular 'TE' deals.

Also, for what it's worth, I had no issue with the more exposed plexi overlay.

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Switched the faulty buttons on my SE out to the far right and everything went fine despite me having no knowledge of what i was doing. Ace. Is there a way to fix individual buttons to stop them sticking? I'm probably gonna buy a set of nice sanwa ones now anyway. Now that i'm all cocky; how easy is it to replace the stick? And what would my options be? I'd be sticking with square gate as that seems to be the standard. Is replacing the artwork simply a case of buying a the overlay and printing your own stuff to a template? I can't even figure out how the old art could be removed. :s

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You want the JLF-TP-8YT stick (comes with the mounting plate, don't get the plate-less version).

Swapping art on the SE is something I tried and I've not been 100% happy with what I did. I peeled off the original art and stuck my own design down that I'd had printed onto self-adhesive white vinyl. It's too thin, it's tricky to apply and the ink (very slowly) rubs away in patches where your hands naturally rest.

Tips would be to make sure your material is thick, so you can't see the imperfections/screwholes underneath (or just to place your new art directly over the existing art) and ensure that whatever you're using has either really hardwearing ink or is laminated.

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Mine arrived today from ShopTo today too. It would have come yesterday, but TNT came at 8am and I got out of bed in time to see the van drive off!

Mine is a Round 2 as well. As far as differences go, I think it purely a matter of colour. No functional differences that I'm aware of.

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Considering the OGs have been as low as £55 at Gamestation (where I have missed them every damn time) they'll probably appear cheap again before too long. Especially with the Super branded TEs now kicking around! I wouldn't be surprised if ShopTo got some more in, as I ordered mine at £70 I assume they bumped them up to £75 after stock ran out for a reason.

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got my plexi the other day, and made some new artwork.

here it is with just my old laminated artwork in it.


new artwork under the plexi


before screwing it all down i tested it, and it seems R2 has stopped working. after a bit of messing around swopping stuff, it appears its not the button or the wire, so i guess its the pcb! so i ended up swopping R2 and L2 around totally.

so now R2 doesnt work, and my guide on the top is now wrong. :hat: i dont actually use those black buttons in game, and i dont suppose i'll ever play a game that needs all 8. but its a pisser.

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