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Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread


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Greeny, did I read somewhere that you're friends with Broker? And did I also read somewhere that Broker lives in Nottingham? And did I also read in the SF4 thread that Broker plays on PS3?

(I have a PS3 SE stick, fully Sanwa modded and with ill-fated custom artwork, that I have no use for.)

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The point is you could buy 2 sticks and all parts needed to replicate for a fair bit less than asking. Seller is justifying bight asking price by saying one of the sticks cost him 150, well above what most people paid.

The workmanship looks top notch and I love the plexi finish. I would say 180 maybe for the pair would be a fairer price.

I'm justifying the asking price because, as far as I can see, at the moment you'd struggle to find a TE stick for much less than £130 on its own. What other people paid at other times isn't really a concern to me at this point.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Official-Street-Fighter-Arcade-Fight/dp/B002V0WKXM/ref=dp_cp_ob_vg_h__title_0 (Marketplace seller)

So one of each stick, custom modded with new faceplates (the white one designed specifically for me from this site, and the black ordered from stock - http://wp1114205.wp150.webpack.hosteurope.de/wordpress/?page_id=164), which as a pair I think make for a fairly unique set of gaming memorabilia... Yes, other people who managed to order the sticks when they were £80 each could have got them, and could have spent time and effort ordering and replacing all the component parts, but considering the circumstances I don't really feel like I'm out to rip anyone off here with the price I'm asking. But as you say, people will only pay what they think they're worth. Guess we'll have to see.

I'll shut up and post some pictures now or something.



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Sweet. :)

I just trawled back a way to find it, here's my post on the thing:

Sanwa parts finally came in! All finished and the thing works perfectly. :lol:

Apologies for the shitty phone-cam pics:





~ JLF-TP-8Y (the one without a mounting plate, grr..), with black Sanwa shaft cover

~ 6x white OBSF-30s, 2x black stock buttons (the black buttons only used for navigation purposes, they're disabled in the fight config)

~ Art printed on self-adhesive white vinyl

Sooo glad to finally have this finished. :unsure:

By ill-fated custom art, I'm referring to the fact that there's three or four white smudges now in a few spots where my palms and fingers rest on the casing. The plastic vinyl I used wasn't the best of choices for material!

I don't know what a reasonable asking price is.. :lol:. Is a round sum of £50 agreeable for such a thing?

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Lewis, I don't think you are out to rip people off either, just a bit optimistic of what they are worth.

I think you would sell them in no time if you split them and stuck them in the trading folder. With all the fighters and shooters set to release this year I'm sure they will sell.

£220 I'd a big lay out after Xmas.

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Yeah, the Chun TE is stunning.

Markman has tweeted an image today which suggests that there will be two more TE sticks before the range is done. Last time he was asked he said that they were retiring the design and coming up with something new, but it looks like the plans have changed. No further info than that, but most predict an MVC3 twin set with one Marvel and one Capcom.

The picture is here. Obviously the two new ones are just black spaces, but it's still a cool shot of all the TE sticks to date:


I wanted that white one with the orange trim so badly, but it was sold out on Play-Asia forever and I ended up getting the original one instead. They're all great, although the re-designed Super one wasn't a big hit.

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Yeah, the Type S was just a cheaper build using the same basic chassis, right?

I'm lucky enough to own the original and round 2 models. They're all great though. Out of those bunch, I think the BlazBlue, Women of SSFIV and Lenticular Chun-Li ones are extra tasty.

The Marvel and Capcom models are a safe bet I think. Although I really hope one is a 3S TE. Who knows, maybe they will have a new design by the time 3SOE comes out.

I'd bet on a brand new design for for Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street fighter, given where Markman's heart really lies.

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i wanted the all-white one the most. the MVC2 one is, fittingly, the most garish and ugly one.

The white one isn't actually completely white. I've played on Tiger Swiftly's one, and it has these weird pseudo mechanical markings on it that just look a little odd. And the buttons are in a different order (Stick Type 3 in SSFIV, fact fans), which makes changing sticks a marginally more awkward affair.

Agreed about the Marvel stick though. Maybe it's just the yellow buttons and stick, but the whole design just looks really messy. Very apt though I agree.

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oh yeah, i know it's got the subtle markings. i like 'em in the pictures but haven't seen one in person. of course really i want to be like all the cool kids and put my own artwork on one of mine, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

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Well, now the MVC3 stick has been announced, I think it's fairly safe to assume the other blacked out stick in the line up photo is most likely a 3rd Strike branded stick. Now that's something to get excited about!

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HOON teams up with the arcade videogame specialist NEO LEGEND to give birth to a high fashion arcade stick, combining traditional craftmanship, luxury materials, and high technology.

Set to release on February 18, 2011, you can reserve it now by sending an email to order@hoon.fr

In an interesting collaboration French luxury leather brand Hoon got together with high end video game system makers Neo Legend to product a joystick. “Manufactured in a specialised Parisian workshop, everything was entirely made by hand. The midnight blue and white arcade stick of lacquered oak wood and corners cased in ostrich leather bring a unique aesthetic to the videogame world. HOON called upon NEO LEGEND, the arcade specialist in Europe, to design the technical parts. The arcade stick is composed of the best arcade technologies: a full panel by Sanwa, compatible with Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC.”


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Can I join the cool stick club now if it's still going? I got a TE Round 2 today.

only once you realise the truth and take back those hurtful things you said!

for now you can be a member of the underwhelming and plasticky stick club if you like.


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well hey, welcome to the club! to the best of my recollection:


lame "certificate" style "letter" glued to one of the box flaps.

two bits of polystyrene stuff holding the stick in place.

stick (no wrapping or anything).

headphone adapter (two pieces) in a bag taped to the side of the box.

also in that bag, brief paper instructions for the headphone adapter and for the turbo buttons.

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think of it like that beyonce video kanye loves too much (in this comparison rllmuk, for our sins, play the role of kanye). yes, it might be the best [music video/videogame controller] of all time, but it's still a [music video/videogame controller]. in either case, if what you actually wanted was for marilyn monroe to dance for you then what you need is a time machine and waaaaay more swagger.

if you end up playing 500 hours of street fighter over the next couple of years it will have been the best game purchase you've made in years, but if you stop playing as soon as the next halo map pack comes out then it's probably just a regular old great value for money, great looking controller.

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Markman posted another teaser image of the next TE. This is one for the old school fans I take it. At least the buttons don't look like they're those horrid unresponsive USA style ones. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see for the layout too!

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