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Mass Effect 2: More waxing goddamn nostalgic.


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Just finished this.

What's the advantage of importing the career into a new game and if I did will I be the same class? Is the game story exactly the same?

The main storyline will be the same, but the incidentals will be different. I expect that could change in ME3 with some decisions from ME1 already having been flagged as significant in ME2, although the consequences not being terribly, erm, consequential yet. *cough* Rachni *cough*

You can change your class and looks. It's the decisions that are set by your old life, and you also get some money, and minerals, and levels to start off with if you ended up a high-level character in ME1. It's far more satisfying for the incidental storyline/character reasons alone.

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Gorf, I think he's talking about NG+. You can't change class on NG+.
Yes, it's importing an ME2 save back into the game.

Shame about not being able to change class. Might just do a new game instead.

D'oh! Completely misread that. My apologies.

Yes, it's a shame you can't change class that way, although understandable. NG+ is only really worth it for the extra challenge anyway, should you fancy that. The weapon carryover doesn't make up for the increased difficulty, so a fresh Insanity game would be preferable in many ways.

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Re. LeChuck's Mass Effect 3 cast post:

Lets take them in order.

Most Likelys

* Archangel & Tali'Zorah - They gotta be in it, absolutely no reason not to. The VA thing doesn't matter, it's not like either of them will cost much to bring back so even if there are a few jerks out there that got them killed, it's still going to be cost effective given how popular they are and how many people would have made sure they survived.

* Grunt - Yes, I love Wrex too but I can also admit Grunt was great. A big, excitable, puppy. A big, excitable, nigh-oh-unkillable psychotic puppy, admittedly. The Normandy is his home and kin, Shepard is his Battlemaster. He'll be there right to the bitter end.

* Final Squad Member - Everyone loves them, they're pretty important to the long term plot, they go well with Tali, it's a no brainer. And even if they were killed, they're the easiest to replace, just fix up a new platform from a pre-Omega 4 relay backup.

* Kaiden/Ashley - They'll be back.

* Liara - So will she. Damn it.


* Miranda & Jacob - Jacob had issues with Cerberus in the first place, Miranda is prepared to leave over the final decision, you can quite easily see them both being around as they know what's at stake more than just about anyone.


* Jack - She got out of jail, got to put a few demons to rest but she's not really the type to hang around anywhere. Barring a considerable change of heart, she's gone.

* Wrex - Much as I'd like to have him back, he's kinda busy nowadays, isn't he? Be ace to see him show up with an army of bloodthirsty lunatics, though.

Nae Chance

* Mordin - He's old, he's done his bit and as with any job, once it's done, he'd rather just pack up and go home. Will miss the crazy sod but hey.

* Thane - Dying anyway, got a son he wants to spend time with before the end. Again, it's a shame as he's great but there you go.

* Samara - The Code is all. Another one I will miss quite a lot, I really grew to love having her around.

* Kasumi - A master thief ain't likely to stick around now, is she? Saving the galaxy doesn't pay the bills.

* Zaeed - Fuck off. More chance of seeing Saren again.

Throw in 3 or 4 new guys and that's all you'd need.

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I reckon Mordin will be in ME3 somewhere. Not as a team member of course, but maybe part of a science team set up to find ways to deal with you know what perhaps. Also "the cure" will probably play a part in ME3, and he'll have something to do with it I reckon.

Wrex will be in ME3, you cant have him not be there if he's in ME2. He's busy now, but with an enemy that threatens to destroy everything in the galaxy, I get the feeling that all Krogan might stand behind him maybe, if they can get their act together that is.

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I agree aswell although all the love interests will surely make an appearance of some sort, I think I only want to see a maximum of 4 new squadmembers.

On my third playthrough and I'm behind everyone in terms of difficulty level as my first two were on Normal, playing an Adept now on Veteran and the difference is incredible, not a lot harder but loads more fun.

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Aye - in fact, with the collectors it's the opposite: if you kill a Harbinger the remaining drones/guardians/assassins will act as dragon's teeth, with, after a few seconds, the one lowest on health being replaced by a full-strength Harbinger. Nasty stuff.

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Ok, somethings been bugging me since I went to see Anderson on the Citadel, and I dunno if anyone here can explain it to me or not.

Why is there a picture of Kaidan Alenko on Andersons desk?!? :)

Well on the Normandy I had a photo of Liara on my desk (to hug near the end since I didn't get it on with any of the new crew.)

So that means.....oh no!!!!!!!!!


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I guess I'm the only one who thought the game was a bit short. I really really love it, but even with doing all the side quests and loyalty missions and mining a load of planets I felt like the game was building to something that was over really quickly. I'm really hoping for more DLC.

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Maybe Anderson liked some biotic ass.

Apparently the room is the human embassy on the Citadel according to the Mass Effect Wiki page, but its still wierd that its on the desk there. Also it doesnt matter which squad member died in the 1st game, its still there regardless :)

I guess I'm the only one who thought the game was a bit short. I really really love it, but even with doing all the side quests and loyalty missions and mining a load of planets I felt like the game was building to something that was over really quickly. I'm really hoping for more DLC.

I reckon the Normandy's weapons might get an upgrade in some good old DLC btw. Read the description of the Collector Beam Weapon when you have a chance. The guns you upgrade presently are Turian design not Collector, so...

It could just hint towards something in ME3 as well mind.

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In Mass Effect 2 you spent most of your time ammassing the perfect team to combat the Collectors.

I think in ME 3 that's just not going to cut it. Instead of assembling a team, you'll have to assemble an army.

Help Wrex unite the clans and gain the strong arm of the Krogan in the upcoming battle.

Convince the Council that this threat is real and is coming. Helping the Salarian Special Tasks Group in their recon and sabotage. The Asari and Turians readying their fleet and commandos.

Obtain the support of the rogue mercenary factions, through any means, the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and that other one, all lending their support.

Aid the migrant fleet and get them to accept the help of the Geth. Putting aside events of the past to both fight united against a common foe.

The Racchni warping in from their distant planet to aid the fight against those who soured their singing.

Shepard shall raise the greatest army ever seen, and unite the galaxy!

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