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The Oscars 2009


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I didn't mind the opening musical number, but this terrible. Plus, it features those two from High School Musical.

I hope not all of Jackman's bits are songs. Plus, if they wanted to say "the musical is back", why not do something a whole lot funnier like, say, stick songs in some of this year's more serious films? That was just awful.

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Just out of interest, were Che and Gran Torino elligble for this year, or will they feature in 2010?

Rooting for Ledger on this one. I hope he's as much of a cert as everyone says he is.

I don't think Gran Torino was eligible, but I'm fairly sure Che was. But Gran Torino will probably be ignored next year, just like all films that are released at the beginning of the awards cycle.

EDIT: And Spudulis says otherwise. He's probably right, I know nothing!

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