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Kill Em All and HTL is my favourite Metallica - but whilst the tempo and generally more lighter tone than normal on this new one, it doesn't have the raw punk of the former. 


I didn't mind it though - poppy - I can't recall the last time I heard James sing in that register. I wonder if he can hold that for a live performance, time will tell. If the album is a lot like the single I'll give it a listen. 


Shit title name though, Lux Aeterna - especially to sing as a lyric - knobs

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On 30/11/2022 at 20:40, englishbob said:


I was thinking more about this today - have they made a decent track WITH a chorus? It sounds odd when they do one - usually it's just repeating the name of title right?


Trapped Under Ice.


You lot are harsh. 


Also, the idiot that said Slayer weren't good anymore. Fuck off. Their last album was ferocious.

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On 30/11/2022 at 15:05, scottcr said:

Don’t stop for nothin’

its full speed or nothin…


it’s a motorbreath reference 


Exactly. The song is packed with musical nods to their early days as well. They pretty much reprise the middle riff from Hit the Lights (after the second chorus). The chorus has a similar flavour to "It's Electric", a Diamond Head song Metallica covered, and "Lightning the Nation(s)" is a reference to the Diamond Head album of the same name (Metallica basically did nothing but Diamond Head covers when they had just started). And it's in A, like a lot of early Metallica songs (they'll tune down a half step live, to help with the vocals, guaranteed). With all these call backs it would be kind of fun if all the other songs on the album referred back to other Metallica eras/songs. They can skip St. Anger though.


Metal up your Podcast recently did a "deep dive" on the song. One of the presenters went so far as to re-record the entire track so he could solo the drums etc. Worth a listen.





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Glad to see on this page others who dislike it. It's not even worthy of being a B-Side. Every time Het sings "LUX AETERNAAA" I just want to punch him in the face. It's like they're trying too hard to capture their youth instead of just writing good fucking metal tracks like they used to. Like Anthony Daniels doing C-3PO now, it's like he's doing an impression of his younger self instead of just being himself. 

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The new track is decent but then I liked the initial glimpses of the previous new MEtallica albums (anything after Justice :D ). I like the riff although I prefer Metallica to "chug" a bit more hehe ... I can hear the nwobhm influence and the kill em all influence it is all there but, to me, it isn't as good as any of those earlier influences.


It reminds me of Black Sabbath's album 13 and the End of the Beginning (great riff and a real early Sabbath vibe) and Slayer's Title track from Repentless (raw and vicious like Reign in BLood).  Both are very good tracks, they both riff off their early days and both aren't quite as good as those early days.


Now that could be because I'm just more used to those early tracks and if I hadn't heard any of it maybe I'd prefer or rank the latest along with earliest. It is a tricky one. You can argue these sorts of new albums are cynically trying to recreate early success but I like to think they are just enjoying riffing off their own past.


So I don't bother worrying and just enjoy what I can :D


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On 22/12/2022 at 15:05, moosegrinder said:

It's fine. I reduced Hardwired to like 4 songs because the rest was so forgetable, so I expect nothing from the new album. Although it's worth pointing out Spit Out The Bone is the best thing Metallica have written in decades so theres hope for whatever new bent they go on.


I think you'll find that is Atlas Rise!

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