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All things Monster Hunter - MHF/2/U - MHP3 and Tri


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Tried the new weapons - prefer the insect staff over the switch axe variant. Think I'm going to try being a gunner this time as I was predominantly a Great Seord user in MH3U.

C-stick nubbin is very handy for camera control and -- as Melon Bread stated -- jumping is taking a bit of getting used to. R + B followed by X with the insect staff is a totally sweet move though.

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This demo really makes me wish the game was on the Wii U :(

Even with the New 3DS and its camera controls, it's pretty uncomfortable to play for any length of time, and it's no looker.

I mean obviously I'm going to lose the next six months to it anyway, but after spending months on MH3U this is looking like a downgrade simply because of the platform it's on.

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Anyone having problems using the circle pad pro? Mine won't work. Maybe mine is fucked? I changed the battery but still nothing.

Mine worked after a battery change, it only detects it on boot so has to be ready when booting the game. Best try it on a retail game that supports it fully to test if it's broken.

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The MH4U demo is the stuff of dreams! The Kinsect Glaive is weird as hell, but may well become my weapon of choice for solo play. I've yet to try the Charge Sword, though.

Great Jaggi was like an old friend, it's pretty much the perfect demo monster for any newcomers. Especially as you get a free mount right at the start of the fight! Thought I'd push Tetsucabra aside just as easily, but then he smashed rocks in my face and I realised that the game was ON. I've not yet tried the third one, but everything I've seen so far confirms that this is going to be my most played game in 2015 without a doubt.

I actually really like the way these demos are handed out, with the shareable codes. It just adds to a feeling of community, and puts that little bit more of an "event" buzz to it.

Anyone have any tips for a bow noob? Thought I'd play the game differently this time around.

You don't need to be miles away, just nicely outside of hip-check distance is fine. Charge your shots to level 2, it's the best balance between damage, time, and stamina. Depending on what bow you take, you get different coating options for your arrows. So, if you want to put the beast to sleep or paralyse it, you need to make sure your bow allows for that. It takes 8 hits for the coating effect to kick in, at which point you probably want to go and bomb it in the face.

Bow takes a little time to get used to, but you can take them down fast once you get the hang of things!

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Wow, I cannot get the hang of the bow at all. It took me the entire Great Jaggi fight to realise I hadn't even equipped a coating (you need to press X+A to apply it, even once you've selected it using the L button) and I can't aim for shit.

So am I right in thinking you need to hold down X to charge, then hold R to aim and then release R to fire? If so then I don't have enough fingers left to use the c-stick to actually aim, which means I need to use the d-pad, which means I'm planted to the spot. Is this right, or am I missing something fundamental?

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