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Midnight tonight: Noby Noby Boy hits in the App Store in even more batshit than expected form. I have no idea what's going on and even it looks to be even less of a "game" than the PS3 version - but I love that version, so I'm going to take a chance on this, I think.

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Haha! Great news! Will it have that whole trying to reach the moon stuff?

No idea. It's all 2D and you stretch him across photos and Google Maps and, honestly, I have no fucking idea what's going on. Maybe it'll make more sense when I play it, but it's looking a bit odd. If I didn't love the original so much and didn't have faith I might be tempted to say that it's looking pretty shit.

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You can if you go to the web link http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/noby-noby-b...355479163?mt=8#


This is one app that's just way too out there for us to explain, so let's have BOY's friend the Fairy give it a try.


I'm the Fairy. Nice to meet you!

So, you want to know what NOBY NOBY BOY is all about?

Hmm, how can I explain this...

See that pink creature in the photo? That's BOY.  

Enjoy stretching his body around and writing messages on his body.

For example, try following the steps below when you're late for work!

1. Write the message, 'Sorry, I'll be late for work!' on BOY's body.

2. Take a picture of the message on BOY's body.

3. Send the picture to your boss at work.

There's a high chance that your boss will get angry, but who knows, he or she may just forgive you!

Other things that you can do in this app include the following:

1. Transform BOY's body to become the hands of a clock.

2. Take pictures and have them appear in the application.

3. Stretch BOY's body using GPS.

When stretching BOY's body using GPS, he will stretch according to how far you have travelled.

So if you're an outdoor salesman, you can see just how hard you've been working!

And if you like to keep fit, you can use GPS while jogging to keep track of your progress.

Hmmmm. I see.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, Fairy.

Well, that sure left a lot to the imagination. But what did you expect from a fairy?

Anyway, enjoy BOY in as many ways as you can think of. That's what this app is all about!

Features of NOBY NOBY BOY:

• Simply put, this application lets you have fun stretching BOY.

• There are many ways to stretch him. There's even a menu for enjoying nothing but stretching.

• Memo: Use BOY's body as a notepad.

• GPS: Use GPS to stretch BOY.

• Mail: Take screen captures and attach them to mail.

• Facebook: If you're logged in to Facebook, you can see who passed on BOY's length to GIRL at each of the points on the map. You'll be able to use BOY to make friends all around the world.

• GIRL: The length BOY has stretched can be passed on to GIRL out in space.

• There are many other ways to stretch, so have fun and experiment.Use it for productivity and relaxation.

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Noby Noby Boy is pretty amazing, but it's not really a game and it's certainly not for everyone. A little physics toy that uses every iPhone fucntion you can think of, it's all a bit strange and desperate. I love it, but I'm not sure what anyone else will make of it.

Full details on inverty.com - it's full of screenshots and stuff that I honestly can't be bothered to link to here.

Also, I bought Swerve Runner this morning. It's a pretty neat little game, with meteors crashing down as you zoom through randomly-generated landscapes in a hovercraft. It's pretty good and definitely worth a look for 59p, but the physics are a bit lifeless for me.

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