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The iOS gaming thread


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If anyone else would like a code, let me know. Already sent you one, kyle.

Lume HD is currently on sale and looks brilliant.

Also, it's not exactly a game, but has anyone got that new Frankenstein app? I've heard good things and it looks interesting.

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Have you (or anyone else) had a tinker with this yet? How do the libs compare to XNA? I know it uses C# so I'm guessing it won't be too difficult to get XNA stuff up and running on it.

I've only had a quick play with it but it seemed quite good, nice emulator for testing. It's C# with a custom implementation of CLR so the same build will run across all the devices, controls (& maybe some GUI) is all you need to change. They've got a nice tool for creating GUI elements. As I mentioned it's in open beta, so you can grab the sdk from http://www.playstation.com/pss/index_e.html

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