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I can kind of see The Drowning becoming compelling in a mindless way, like Tiny Tower.

The pre-release hype that it was going to be the F2P game to bring console gamers into the fold looks laughable now though. It's like an XBLIG game with slightly higher quality art assets.

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Thanks for the RTS recs, appreciated. This genre is a great fit on the iPad/iPhone, not really bothered with these kind of games before but the format has encouraged me to get into them.

Apart from RTS I've been playing a lot of Riptide GP2, it's somewhere between Wave Race, Hydro Thunder and, um, Quantum Redshift. Lovely feel to the handling, the resistance of the water is spot on using the touch controls. Excellent career mode but not looked at the online yet. Inoffensive IAP, plays great on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 though maybe not quite as smooth on the iPad. Well worth a look if you fancy some splishy splashy racing.

Also this:


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Yup also enjoying this a lot. A future setting for the Waverace franchise would be great...oh Nintendo :(

Also, thinking about it, are there any good snowboarding games on iOS?

I was wondering exactly the same about snowboarding games on iOS after playing Riptide. Got really nostalgic for that beautifully communicated feel of your board gliding through soft frost then slamming down on crunchy ice in SSX. The sound and feedback of that was incredible, I miss it. But yeah, you can imagine the mechanics and feel of an iOS snowboarding game being almost identical to Riptide and working perfectly. They really nailed the stunts and steering in Riptide, the more I play it the more convincing it becomes.

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