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The iOS gaming thread


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Was waiting off, but decided to take the plunge and pay £1.99 for Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Considering how much time I sank into the first one and how much enjoyment it gave me (plus I think i got it on a sale), holding out for Frontiers to be any cheaper just felt a bit tight in the end. I mean, I don't think twice about buyign a pint for £5 in London, but I'm particular about games prices less than half of that. Anyway, turns out to be money hugely well spent - i really enjoy the series and the visuals and have already had at least a half-pint's worth of fun from it :)

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For anyone with kids, Toca Builders is a lovely little building game. There are a bunch of little robots, each with a particular block manipulating ability. It's utterly charming and a fantastic little building block sandbox.


Toca Builders has gone free for a while! If you have kids, seriously download this. It's grrrreat.

In fact, even if you don't have kids you should download this, just to have a little go with the awesome robots. They are so cool. You can always delete it afterwards (if your heart is a shrivelled hunk of jerky).


Just look at 'em! Wait til you see 'em move :wub:

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Congrats Gique! Enjoyed reading about progress of the game in the Development folder. :)

It has been a very long hard road for such an innocent little 2D game - 6 years since conception to completion.

We're gradually getting people warming to the game, a lot of press are judging it before it's been played, and not having low fi pixel art or chip tunes kinda makes us the antichrist in some indie circles - we've even had to contend with a lot of political indie bullshit too, it's amazing how people in a small scene can be so judgemental towards you because of the aesthetics of a video game..

Have you tried Retro Gamer? Strider, if you're reading this, it feels a like a lost Taito game even though it's a new concept.

I'm so glad you say/see that - it was one of my initial goals in the design..

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... it's amazing how people in a small scene can be so judgemental towards you because of the aesthetics of a video game..

Fuck em, I like retro themed stuff as much as anyone but I don't want it to be the only thing out there, this looks super slick and I'll be downloading it when I get a minute. We've had similar issues getting press reporting on our stuff too dude. I hope it picks up for you, totally agree about the Taito comparisons. Nice work.

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