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Alone - very much one not for Davros here! :)

It's a great little game, very fast, lovely style and sound, it's a cross between canabalt and SFcave I guess...my record is 3643 metres! Very nice, certainly worth £1.49. It plays much more smoothly than it looks like in that vid, controls are good too.

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I used it to

cut the admiral's limbs off, and turn him into a defector. Not sure if you can do anything further with him, and I can't remember if it actually did anything in-game.

I played through again: refusing food, 100% world explored, 110% areas cleared, and completing the impossible.

During this run I had the cauter and went back to S, but nothing...

Maybe with one of the interactions with defectors at a house I attacked when I should have left of something.

What happened when you completed it after cauterizing the admiral?

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I think the description changes, that's all. It usually says that The Admiral is resting, recovering from his wounds or something, but if you go back to him with the Cauter it changes.

I was on course for a similar run this morning. I'd just killed the 199 health Defector and was hoovering up all the locations, when I got distracted by something on the train, didn't realise I was in a fight with a Feral Terror, and died. Gutted!

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