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The iOS gaming thread


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Is Resident Evil: Degeneration the full game, or is it eposodic?

It's the full game.

is that the resi that was on the n95 ?

For reals. This is like a mega high-res port with touchscreen stuff and lots of polish, basically. :wub:

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Yeah, there's a full Mercs mode to unlock once you beat it, with combos and time pick ups all intact.

Yep bought resi - got you A few more sales from the other iPhone owners who were gawping at it round my desk :wub:

Much appreciated pal! :(

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Another vote for Cube Runner here - great game.

Also on my 'most played' and recommended list...

- Rolando

- Chess with Friends

- Pixelcross

- Fieldrunners

- Edge

- Pinball Dreams

- Skybound

As mentioned in the iPhone Apps thread, its starting to become my mobile gaming platform of choice. I didn't think it would be able to touch the DS initially, but on a couple of recent flights I didn't even bother taking the DS along with me as the iPhone had more than enough to keep me occupied.

Crazy to play games??

these applications are running on iPhone?

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I bought to large pieces of Brie through a BOGOF offer in Morrisons. I'm looking at them and thinking, what am I going to do with the pair of you then?

Any recipes?

Peggle is obviously great but seems to devour batteries.

All iPhone games OM NOM NOM on batteries

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Peggle is the first game to get me off Drop 7 in ages. It's an excellent port, just some screwy sfx. The score-tallying blips don't go high enough at the end. And Ode To Joy takes a split second to start.

It's nit-picking though, it's much better than the DS version.

But really, all that needs to be said: Peggle on iPhone.

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You can get it on Steam for free (a basic version) if you use that. It's a love/hate thing really. If you like pachinko then you'll enjoy it. Worth giving it a go.

Cool, I was just about to go and play some Day of Defeat and kick some german arse, but I'll try that instead.

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