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Hitman: Absolution - the craggy thread

Mr. Gerbik

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Accepting that it was a step backwards from Blood Money in many respects, I actually really enjoyed this game & thought that the rabid slaughtering it received from many at the time was a tad hyperbolic. Some things didn't work & the tone was off, but it was still a really fun & slick game with some excellent levels & the Contracts mode was brilliant if you invested the time.

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I’ve just revisited this on pro after enjoying a return to Blood Money. It’s, erm, not a bad game, there’s some great stuff/kills there. It’s just not  a great Hitman game. I did enjoy some of the more elaborate kills. Offing an Latex Nun Assassin while dressed as a scarecrow was hilarious. 

It was also pretty hard at times, with no real way to clear your meter once spotted. Sill it was fun to revisit. And it cost me about £1.70 from eBay so can’t complain. 



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