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Paddy Power Charity Poker Open - Renfrew, Scotland


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£12 entry

4 Heats - 1- Final - 3 Weekends

Saturday 16th and 23rd - Sunday 17th and 24th

Registration is between 10:00 and 11:30am with play starting at 12:00 noon

Tournament Venue


The Normandy Hotel, Renfrew -www.cosmopolitan-hotels.com


* 1st - All expenses paid trip and entry to the 2010 Irish Open

* 2nd - All expenses paid trip for 2 to Las Vegas

* 3rd -VIP for 2 at Cheltenham Gold Cup + £100 bet per person

* 4th - Weekend for 2 in Dublin

* 5th to 10th - All expenses VIP for 2 (Drink and meal) Ayr Gold Cup 19th September 2009 + £100 free bet each + Exclusive Paddy Power memorabilia


I'm in for Saturday 16th already! :lol:

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How did you get on, Rossco? I'm booked in for next Sunday, but might nip down this Sunday too if I'm bored.

EDIT: Yeah, I went on Sunday. Bubbled in the main tourney event. Gutted. It was massive chip leader vs me and another guy. Other guy pushes with Q5 against chip leader's A9. I'm dealing, and I put down a 9 on the flop, nothing to help the other guy ... until a Q on the river. Curse my dealing!

Couple of hands later, I push with AdQs against 99. Three spades on the flop, I have so many outs ... but nothing materialised. Oh well, I'll try again next Sunday.

I went back later and put 30 quid into a cash table. Doubled up early, then blew the lot. :(

Went home and won $120 online ... I should stick to teh internet pokerz.

EDIT AGAIN: So I played again this Sunday, and I MADE IT TO THE FINAL. Woo!

Finished in the top two on the first table. One really jammy hand where I was all in with JJ (hate 'em) against AQ ... ace on the flop, J on the turn! \o/

Second table of 8 players, was plain sailing till there were three players left. Another lucky hand where I was all in with trip sevens against a flopped straight, and paired the board to make a house ... that made me joint chip leader. Heads up I was all-in with AK against JT on a Jxx flop ... ace on the turn saw me to the final.

So yeah, a few lucky hands ... but then again, poker is largely luck, innit?

They've advertised the final as another two-stage affair, but it isn't turning out that way ... it's going to be a 40-player MTT (5 x :lol: with ten prizes. Not bad!

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