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Red Steel 2


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Looks like Madworld meets, well, Red Steel with the Stranger's Wrath soundtrack. I'm in.

I was just thinking that- this really looks like a first person MadWorld- but with cowboys and colour. And a sprinkling of XIII. Maybe it's because that level looks very much like a MadWorld level (in particular that Chinatown one) in that it's quite small.

I didn't realise they had gone for a "cell-shaded" style to this.... but it looks pretty good, maybe it's a bit more arcade-y than I thought. Will this be one of those games that isn't actually an FPS, although it looks like one? I dunno, I haven't played the first one... tbh, but this looks a lot better.

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the first one is flawed - but had some great ideas. Non-linear hub approach. Some great set-pieces and level design (and some poor design). At the time - a real mixed bag graphically - going from genuinely impressive to sub-PS2. The bullet time was also well implemented and, to me, combat was satisfying and 'chunky'.

Also had some superb music.

The fiery dojo, the mountain top and funhouse levels are particularly stand out for me.

This one looks great as well though - love the XIII style of it, very over the top and comic book like. Have you seen the flying in the air wire stuff...

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I'm kinda with Smitty. I think the game looks gross, the visual stylings don't work for me here. And that main character... just a bit embarrassing really. The first one kind of held a little bit of appeal for me as it felt like a shit 80s Los Angeles action movie. This just feels... French?

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that's what I like about it - it's a stylised cell-shaded French Canadian take on what a futuristic US Wild West would look like if it was Japanese. That's what's great about it... it's got a wacky style...

would you rather that, or something just like the initial one... in a world where we complain about space marines lol or generic fantasy settings, this is something nice and different.



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I dunno, I just think the style isn't that good really.


It's just not very cool or refined in my opinion. I'm not that keen on the setting in the first place, but there have been other western + samurai fusion things, with much cooler stylisation. I just feel that it's a bit weird they decided to go this route after the first. Not that the first one was that good or anything, but I kind of liked the whole urban neon glitziness of it, the chinese restaurants and the roof top duels. This is all a bit Prince of Persia all of a sudden only not as nice... It's just my opinion of course, but yeah, I thought it was worth discussing.



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I only have one concern about this game - the level design. It can make or break a FPS (see The Conduit)

The stuff I've seen seems to be mostly corridors and empty spaces... Looking for a bit more imagination.

Say what you want about RS1 - but some of the level design was really good... hopefully it comes across to this too.

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Ubisoft’s said in a interview that if Red Steel 2 isn’t a big success it’s kaput for the series.

Speaking to Play.tm, creative director for the title Jason Vandenberghe said it’s “absolutely crucial” the game does very well if there’s any chance of Red Steel 3.

Bye then!

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