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SFIV 2nd Division Week 5


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I can do tonight after 8 or 9 or so. I will likely be going to bed early mind as I'm absolutely wrecked. But I said that last night. And iwent to bed at 12 >_<

Also I'll post fixtures up for next week on Thursday regardless of how league structure sorts itself out, might as well carry on till it's sorted. In fact, Might just do a halfway league table as well, seeing as how Xei's fixtures will be cancelled. This would be in addition to the normal league table. Just in case the lague is stopped early, might as well save myself some work.

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Pretty sure this season is going to finish as planned. :)

Also, Moodmon, one of my wins from last week wasn't put on the table. Just FYI before you put in loads of time sorting this weeks. Sorry and thanks!

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