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Transient Curse

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it's gone beyond funny and dipped down into sad how they keep touting that participation in the "extended play" sessions will help you in being selected as the one or in the mob, especially when every single person that's been selected as "the one" has a score of 20,000 or less points (compared to people with 30M+ points already).

Hmm, that's not true though.

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You bitches ready to get owned tonight on the football one muwhaha

Well I was leading my group of 4 until they dropped out at the shame of losing to a woman....

Actually pretty dull stuff - you would mop up if you had a list of the world footballers of the year to hand together with the locations and results of the UEFA / Champs league finals of the last 20 years.

Still, it's the real thing, with prizes this time, tonight at 7.30. See you there.

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Whats your gamertag i will add you and we will play i will inv you to a party

Oh yeah good games last night baring and sean and my other mate sean was going crazy coz i got it right and he got it wrong

Baring 113.836 1st

dylan 110.110 2nd

sean 96.810 3rd

connor 90.899 4th

Good games guys if you want to join in with me tonight then send me a message on xbox live my g.t is cosmickillerdyl cheers

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Do the live games last the same amount of time as the others?

To clairfy, the show is on for two hours but each individual round will be much shorter than the 37-question versions from the week. Each game keeps going until The One either gets a question wrong or takes the option of running off with the prizes he has ammassed so far. Each game was probably 10 minutes at the absolute max last Friday.

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Do the live games last the same amount of time as the others?

The live games are from 7:30 to 9:30, and are continuous for the 2 hours. The Extended play are from 6:30 to 9:30 and are half hour themed quizes. :eyebrows: Think there are actucally some extended play game on after the live quiz tonight?

Anyone know if the prizes are active this week?

Can't wait for this. :)

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There are extended play sessions before and after the live show today.

6.30 - Pan Euro (Extended Play)

7.00 - Pan Euro (Extended Play)

7.30 - Beta with Prizes (Live Show)

9.30 - Pan Euro (Extended Play)

10.00 - Pan Euro (Extended Play)

There is also a live show tomorrow, and the schedule is the same as today.

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Oh and according to the dashboard it says Silver subscribers can play this weekend (17th-19th).

Ah, great. Thanks for that. I remember someone mentioning this last week and I've been looking for some confirmation of it today.

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