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Team Fortress 2


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i don't know how you can be so shit garry. never played a pc fps before? you are using wasd right? does your mouse have a scroll wheel? do you know you can press Q to switch to last weapon?

I used to play CS:S, where I was only useful as a radio man. Telling my team where the enemy was just before I died. With all talk on, I'm just baggage.

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Digital walk controls are shit, mind. Twin sticks win there, I think.

Yes, absolutley, been saying that myself for ages now. Analogue sticks win on that count. Shame they can't incorporate it into PC games somehow along with the advantages of mouse aiming. It's all fine and well having so many keys on a keyboard but there's only so many keys within a comfortable range (for some) of WSAD and having those taken up by sprint and walk don't help (not an issue on TF2 as much though).

Sorry to anyone who got caught up in my bouts of "tangled hand panic syndrome" tonight. It's the reason I go quiet, use the voice presets or type that much. Cheers for the games.

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Actually, I've found this:

Type into the console "exec 360controller". It remaps all the buttons and also apparently makes the UI change too. To revert back simply enter "exec undo360controller" in the console.

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One of those (the 360 one) said at the end...

If you would like to use the typical Xbox controller setup, copy the following lines into the top of the config.cfg file for the proper game using notepad. The config.cfg file can be found in the same location referenced above - or enter each line manually into the developers console.

bind "JOY1" "+jump"

bind "JOY2" "+reload"

bind "JOY3" "+speed"

bind "JOY4" "+use"

bind "AUX5" "+attack2"

bind "AUX6" "+attack"

bind "AUX7" "impulse 100"

bind "AUX9" "+duck"

bind "AUX10" "+zoom"

bind "AUX29" "lastinv"

bind "AUX30" "invnext"

bind "AUX31" "phys_swap"

bind "AUX32" "invprev"

but the first line in the config file is...

unbindall bind "0"

...surely that's going to undo the config? I'll try it out.

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Oh, I wasn't suggesting a slow walk is the good part of analogue controls. It's the 360° directional control that's better. Clearly analogue is better than 8-direction.

Mind, I admit that I'm using an inferior system. But in my hands, it's better than my fucked up KB/M antics.

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