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All because of this guy.


Sorry I had to drop out a little earlier than I expected, the thunder storm here was getting really bad. I was ignoring it until the lights started flickering and the curtains were flapping around.

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Is autobalance set on there? As towards the end we had three more on blue than on red. I think admins are immune to the normal equalising, so that needs to be sorted out really, as there was some terrible stacking going on at some points.

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Oh man, so much fun last night!

I was about 5 minutes late last night and the server was already full, which was really nice to see. I'll set up another event for next week on steam when I get home if someone hasn't already.

Not to all spies: when a server has all talk don't use your mic when you are invisible as the other team will see you, see screenshot below.





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The team player limit for Arena maps needs to be set to 12 or something so that people don't have to sit out when the server is full, also I wouldn't mind fighting a team with one more player rather than having them sit out if we have an odd number of people on the server.

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I think it would be a good idea to throw together a playlist for each given week. Then we can edit the mapcycle.cfg file during Thursday and reset the server at 19:55. Bingo, we'd have our playlist ready.

And yeah, we'll need to find ou thow to change the teams on Arena maps so everyone plays every round.

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