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Bobbi Champagne Jr

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Bill Sienkiewicz.

I don't know squat about comics, never really been a fan of em, but just got done reading a friend's old copy of Elektra: Assassin and was totally blown away by this dude's illustrations. Man, he sure knows how to compose an image. Also, I especially love the way it personifies the time period it was created in (the 80s) so well, and the inventive use of different visual styles represent the seemingly erratic storytelling. Read it and you'll see what I mean.


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Depends on the day, depends on the mood... I do love following the illustration thread for some classic art but, especially when I'm teaching and showing kids examples of best practice I like these guys:

Dave McKean: despite his twitter feed being a little Dawkins evangelism heavy (the irony) he often posts making of pictures and they're fab.


Sarah Fanelli: the thinking mans Lauren Child.


Lane Smith: almost ditto but with knobs on...


Dave Sim and Gerhard: Yes I know, no I don't care. Forget the world view and love the artistry.


Bill Sienkiewicz gets the nod oh yes. Lovely art. Kent Williams in the same vein:


Also massively into Gustav Dore at the moment while researching a project. Lovely stuff as ever as always:


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Also loving: Shaun Tan, Eric Tan, Marc Craste (Varmints), Kandinski, some David Carson, most Rick Veitch and almost all Will Eisner.

And on the computer games side I could (and often do) look at the artwork of Samorost and Little Big Planet all day. Lovely stuff.

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Rebecca Dart's work is appearing in a number of places at the moment (Drawn, Cartoon Brew etc) and I really love her style.

This is the piece that is garnering the attention.




But it is her buxom barbarians and battle kittens that I love (hopefully she'll turn these into a story rather than just spost-it note doodles.



Her blog.

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Ace stuff Lord Cookie <_<

Dart's pictures remind me of Doug Tennapel's comics and they're well worth a shout (with a little bit of Dr Seuss thrown in. Nice mash up of influences anyhow).

Also (@ Divine Visitor mainly) if anyone's into Siekiewicz you can do a lot worse than picking up his illustrated life of Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo Child) which often pops up cheap on ebay minus the CD that came with it.

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Ahah, that last battle kitten picture, wonderful.

For some reason I've been looking at this video a lot recently, just a little music video animation someone did for a silly Vocaloid song about chopsticks - but there's something about the drawing style I really like.

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