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Just Cause 2


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God DAMN IT. I really hope I win the lottery this weekend so I can actually quit my job and get time to play all these bloody games. There'll be no summer drought for me, I'll be playing all the year start stuff.

Looks like the Saints Row 2 in a jungle at this rate. AWESOMES.

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Got to play this today as well. It's basically everything I hoped Mercenaries 2 would be and includes a full redemption of the concept Bionic Commando started to scratch the surface of. It's a complete and utter bonkers sandbox in which you feel like some kind of Superman. Draw distance is just bizarre and stringing things together doesn't look to get old soon.

Still a bit doubtful of the long-term attention span, but if you're in for some drunken popcorn sandboxing, I think this is going to be excellent!

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HOLY FUCK! You like this Cyh? I mean... You would actually buy this?

Mind has been blown.

Hey, I did buy Mercenaries! And enjoyed it to boot! This looks and plays like its spiritual successor. With a grappling hook.

Presentation is utter cheese though. And it fits.

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