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Just Cause 2


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I have a feeling this game will live and die based on it's controls. Any word on them yet?

I didn't get on with JC1's controls at all, felt really floaty.

Eurogamer said in one of their hands-on previews that the controls are spot on.

I can't be the only person who thought the guy in the new video was going to tether himself to the plane as it took off. Hell, that's what I'd do, followed by a littlke skydive/parachute action.

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Yep, it looks like the perfect type of game for co-op larks. A real missed opportunity unfortunately.

Hey there's always Just Cause 3! In which they'll sell it to us by pointing out the amazing co-op experience that is to be had.

...And we will buy it like the sheep we are.

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I downloaded the demo of Just Cause 1 last night and and surprisingly, its still a quite a good looking game, the vistas especially.

Ran up to the highest point on the demo island and the view was rather spectacular, especailly for a game that was out on PS2 as well!

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The demo detailed:

"The demo will give you a pretty good snapshot of what the final game has to offer. So in terms of Rico's abilities and the crazy stunts he can pull off - it's all in there," said Oldman. "There's also one whole multi-stage faction mission for you to try, a race challenge and ample opportunities to cause chaos at pretty much every turn."

Players will get access to a whole range of vehicles, including tuk tuks, planes, helicopters and Jeeps.

"[it's] one big sandbox," he added. "It's approximately 35 square miles of sandy desert, featuring towns and settlements, military bases, runways (and planes) and plenty more. In terms of freedom, it's really up to you, but we've certainly included more than enough to play with."

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First Review - Gamesmaster Magazine.

The mag gives the game a very respectable 86 per cent in its review - heaping praise on its huge scale.

'We don't ever think we've encountered a free-roamer with quite so sprawling a map or quite so many possible, deliciously destructive distractions,' it reports. 'You'll want to invest 30 to 40 hours into this baby.'

The game's never-ending explosions also come in for applause ('you'll never tire of the eneormous conflagrations Rico creates), as does its looks. GM calls it an 'eyebath for the eyeballs'.

Criticisms include the lack of a 'decent cover system' and the 'randomness' of the ammo.

However, the mag says if you're into 'having a riot', then JC2 is 'comfortably the best "zany" sandboxer out there.


Good find Mr. Crowley. It looks great, totally forgot the game had some night missions and different weather conditions. :)

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I'm really excited about this game, more than I should be I reckon.

So an 86% from CVG? I was under the impression that they gave everything 90+% so maybe not great news.

Still, can't wait to try the demo on Thursday, is it all set in the desert?

Also this strikes me as a game that will be £20-30 in the blink of an eye, but they've got those damn DLC incentives for pre-ordering, £37 odd from shop to. Damn them sneaky marketers!

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