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Halo: Reach


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Given how many people miss dancing with the Elites, a prequel would seemingly be the perfect solution. Besides, Snake Eater was prequel and that turned out okay, didn't it?

.::: To be fair, that one was treated as a proper instalment in the series. It had the number and everything. :D

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Yeah, just Elites, Grunts, Jackals & Hunters. The translator software in the Mjolinir suits couldn't translate the wort wort worts either back then.

Sold! I'll take two copies! If it's indeed a new fps Halo that is. Like Space Reporter Ulala says, a prequel would be the perfect solution to get rid of all the bad design decisions of the two Halo sequels. No Brutes, no dual wielding, no Elite-speak translators... no Flood even, now that I think about it! Omg it would be even better than the first game :D :D

Of course, this will probably turn out to be something else entirely. :D

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Yeah, it's a series of rooms where Cpt Keyes has placed weapons on shelves of varying heights and you have to grab them all before proceeding to the next room.

Is Nathan Fillion in it? Sold.

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Handy link: List of Xbox games compatible with Xbox 360 If the PAL version is listed as 'Yes' in the 60hz column, then it's VGA compatible. If not, then avoid.

Also, it's a well-known fact that PAL Halo: CE doesn't work over VGA, and you were very unlucky that the first person to reply to your post gave you the wrong answer, if you did infact buy it immediately. In hindsight you should've done a search, and you would've found that this question was asked and answered many times already.

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Well, going by playing the PAL disc on my PAL 360 - it's far from ideal. It looks all nice and smooth and upscaled ( ;) ) with more lively colours and details that you never noticed before on that nasty old SDTV, but there's also some terrible slowdown if things get really busy in later levels. And I mean proper slide-show stuff. A real shame.

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Yeah, both of those games were rubbish if you were an idiot. I'll give you the weak-as-all-hell vehicle sections though.

They're completely different games to Halo though. What do you mean 'take cues' anyway? You want to crowbar in a cover system and make the Covenant constantly respawn until you move forward? Because that would be shite.

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First Off-Screen Images? (pinched from GAF who pinched them from the MLG forum)

This is what the HUD looks like. In the bottom left, you can see your squadmates health and names.

Right above the radar shows what perks you are carrying.

When I played there were 3 perks-sprinting, cloaking, and hologram.

The sprinting makes you run when you hold LB,

cloaking makes you invisible (when you cloak your radar jams and you can't really hear anything around you).

The hologram creates a hologram of yourself, so enemies will shoot at both.








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