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Left 4 Dead 2


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People never stop bitching do they? Not on here but elsewhere

Valve announce L4D2

Response: Wheres the support for L4D1? Fuck you Valve, sellouts!

Valve announce DLC for L4D1

Response: Its free for PC but 360 owners have to pay? Fuck you Valve!

Welcome to June. It was sunny then.

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And speak of the very devil, who is clearly reading this thread and responding specifically to it...!!!


Should have added that I don't like Versus mode too :lol:

PC owners have all the (free/discounted/expanded) fun.

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the primary goal of "Crash" is to deliver a complete Versus mode experience in just 30 minutes

So, a half-length campaign, then? :twisted:

Hey! Not that I'm complaining, but that's what this statement means, right?

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For all those folk who don't like Versus. I implore you to give it another shot.

It really is soo much more intense fun than co-op can ever be. Playing as the infected and nailing those survivors with a wicked team attack is just awesome.

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So, a half-length campaign, then? :)

Hey! Not that I'm complaining, but that's what this statement means, right?

Yeah unless they just chop and change various sections through-out the campaign to fit a time period. Between safe room to safe room the whole game is interchangeable. There is no real narrative.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Dark Carnival Unveiled.

We'll have a comprehensive work-up of what we saw soon, but in the meantime you probably want to check out the first screenshots of Dark Carnival, and hear about things like the new special infected, the Jockey.
The Jockey's a right pain in the neck, appearing out of nowhere and hopping onto one of the survivors' backs. He or she then loses control of movement, allowing the Jockey to steer the pair into dangerous territory, where other infected can pile on the damage.

It's particularly frustrating for the survivors when one of their number is caught straggling, because the Jockey can ride them further and further away from the main group, potentially costing the team even more vital time, health and ammo than, say, a Hunter could by pinning a wayward player.

Dark Carnival itself ("You must be this tall... TO DIE!") begins on a highway, as the survivors inch through and around abandoned cars in the direction of the Ferris wheel and candy stripes on the horizon.

Following a few close shaves and a descent down a slippery hillside (which the AI director saw fit to spice up with a tank - thanks for that), the survivors work through a two-storey motel complex, with roomed-up infected bashing chunks out of every door they pass to try and get at them, and then make their way into the carnival itself, full of infected-packed tents and stalls.

There's a new uncommon common infected to fight - you may remember the hazmat-wearing CEDA infected and riot police with Kevlar from previous reveals - dressed as a clown, who calls other infected over to him. At this stage there's also an Achievement for honking his nose, although these are subject to change.

Valve said that some of the parlor games at the carnival will actually work in the final version, and drew our attention to quirky touches like the peanut man cutouts (he has a nutty nemesis - moustachio) before we hit the climactic point of the two-stage Dark Carnival demo: the merry-go-round crescendo moment.

Waving our katanas, axes and the new electric guitar melee weapons around happily, we set this off, and discovered the goal was to run around it to reach the off switch and stem the growing (and indeed infinite) tide of infected that attack you as you try to do so. Again, the director felt the need to help out by depositing a Witch in our path. Whacking her with the guitar was an error.

There's a lot more to talk about - like the way the Jockey works with other special infected including the other new boys, the Spitter and the Charger, and the simple, immeasurable brilliance of adding proper gibs and limb-loss to the game's existing technical base - but we'll save that for the full preview, coming soon.

There was one other touch to note right at the end though - the classic between-level music you get as you swing the saferoom door closed has been spiced up for Left 4 Dead 2, with a different twist on it for each new campaign.



8OQ8SM4JRD_c2m2_fairgrounds0050_NewA.jpg.jpg RHSNN237FK_c2m2_fairgrounds0135_New.jpg.jpgRG5EAQ1PFD_c2m2_fairgrounds0198_New1.jpg.jpg

G0NVNRYQIC_CoachandClown_01.jpg.jpg 5HCPS8DS1A_NickandClown_New_02.jpg.jpg

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Specials, Weapons and Tactics Hands On


Dark Carnival & Swamp Fever Hands On

Dark Carnival begins on a highway, amidst abandoned cars pointing towards a Ferris wheel and the red and white funfair stripes of a marquee on the distant twilight. Initially it's functional, although typically fraught, as regular infected streak between and over the lifeless husks of cars and buses from the roadside to get at you. Following a slippery hillside descent, it progresses into a two-storey motel complex horseshoed around a car park, with zombies bashing holes in seemingly every door you pass as you ascend the naked stairways in search of a route through.

The Whispering Oaks carnival itself, past concession stalls and rides, is a manmade maze designed to drive people round and about to commerce, but you still find your way into the back-rooms and over rooftops as usual, and here you sometimes encounter the campaign's uncommon common infected, the clown. His squeaky shoes attract the horde, and sometimes during a break in the action all you hear is the squeaking. "You're going to want to kill the clown first," says Faliszek. He joins the hazmat-wearing CEDA infected and the riot cop, who can only be perforated from the rear, on the six-strong uncommon common roster.

The second of the two chapters being shown this month (each campaign consists of four chapters and a finale) culminates in one of the game's crescendo moments, familiar to fans of the original (the elevator button at Mercy Hospital, for instance), where you have to fire up a carousel and then race around the other side to switch it off again, with an unending horde of zombies pelting themselves at, up and over the wire mesh surround as you do so. The director throws a Witch in for good measure - she's still a class apart from the other specials, and in her new Wandering Witch guise she's a paralysing presence in even an empty street, stumbling around at random as you try to get the hell out of her path.

It's crowd-pleasing all the way. We're warming to the new survivors already, for instance. "Whispering Oaks. I used to go there as a kid," says the righteously indignant Coach during a moment of burly reflection. "Great," says Nick the gambler. "Now we can die there as adults." There's the wooden cutouts of Mister Peanut and his arch enemy Mustachio (they vie for the affections of Nutasha). There's the gibbing and the limb loss. Oh the limb loss. The pipe bomb was always fun, but now it's worth hanging around for. Nothing but the rain!

Valve says that the new weapon progression introduces greater diversity, and this is seemingly evident on the full-auto route, as you move up from silenced Mac-10 (or perhaps TMP?) past AK-47 to the biggest assault rifle. The most obvious and striking departure on the weapon front, however, is the grenade launcher - a one-shot-at-a-time friendly-fire nightmare that makes the player a lot more dangerous to both sides. You can destroy a horde of zombies in one blow, but you have to switch to a side arm or think twice about trying to dislodge a Hunter from an ally, unless you want to loose them both the mortal coil. It's such a game-changer that it effectively represents a profound change of player class in a game that only does ad hoc classing.
It's enormously useful when I uncover it in the second campaign we try out, Swamp Fever, which is also the most exotic of the three shown so far. Almost everything about the two Swamp Fever chapters we play is brilliant - the mud men uncommon common biting at your knees and splattering mud in your eyes to announce their presence in the waist-deep swamp water; the plank pathways in the mud and raised walkways; the downed aeroplane with one wing sunk into the water and a massive rip through the fuselage that you have to scramble through; and the best crescendo moment so far, on the banks of a river waiting for a rusty old ferry platform to be hauled across to your side of the water.

The level configuration is cunning and, despite the setting, fresh, driving you into new patterns of play. Infected rise out of the water, the cloying dankness of which slows you down terribly whenever you need to wade into it, and there are some lovely touches here, closer to the marginal flourishes in Portal or Episode Two, like an assault rifle upgrade to be pulled from the cold dead hands of a CEDA man dangling by a parachute in the trees, and all sorts of junk you wouldn't expect to see in a swamp. Faliszek explains that this sort of stuff really is there in real life - a veteran of New Orleans, he even sent unbelieving researchers down to the bayou to see for themselves.


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As much fun as I'm still having with L4D I won't be paying £40 again for this <_<

That first trailer looks very much like a reskinning :(

It's all personal preference n that, but I can't think of another game bar CoD:MW/Orange Box/SFIV that's felt like I've truly had/having my 40 quid's worth of entertainment...in fact I can't think of another 360 game I haven't traded-off after a max of 3-5 months.

However, the 360 price is still a skank compared to the PC version of course...especially when you take into account the game's rejuvination through modding, but still - I'll gleefully be paying 360 release day money for this beaut.

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Valve Wants To Bring Mods To 360 L4D2, Pay The Creators

Valve, why oh why do we want to make sweet love to your headquarters? Oh yea, it’s because you’re awesome. So awesome in fact that you want to bring user created mods to the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2 and turn Microsoft’s greed into profit for the hard working moder. We love you Valve.

*Ughm* Yes, Valve wants to bring user created mods to the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 dead 2. But since Microsoft had some weird policy against users sharing their own content with each other, Valve is looking into filtering the best of mods and bringing the ones that pass their quality and legal tests to Xbox Live. Since Microsoft also pushes pricing onto any content coming onto their service, Valve will take those earning and pay it to the developers of the mods. How sweet is that?


All Left 4 Dead 2 melee weapons listed.

* Baseball Bat

* Cricket Bat

* Crowbar

* Electric Guitar

* Fire Axe

* Frying Pan

* Katana

* Machete

* Tonfa (police baton)

* Chainsaw


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I hope there's a demo of L4D2 that works in exactly the same way as the demo of the first. Playing it shortly after getting an Xbox sold me on the whole Xbox Live experience. Getting together was complete strangers from the forum, laughing and yelling and screaming our asses of when crazy, unexpected things happened, then getting to watch first-time players being asked to startle the witch, or start the power generator. It ensured a day one purchase from me, as I expect it did for a lot of people.

Then there was those mad late night Versus games with Mega Drive II, Yonezz and the gang. Things changed wen I came back to it after a month and everyone had turned into a ninja player in the interim, but back before people knew quite what was going on it was magical, and I hope Left 4 Dead 2 can recapture that magic.

I played the first game for the first time in ages the other night, with Noob and one of his pals and I'd forgotten just how good it is.

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